View Full Version : Buckhorn waiting for hardware

Nov-08-2013, 12:13pm
this is my latest F5, only a few weeks old...the pictures don't do justice showing the quilted maple back...there is a flaw in the spruce top that wasn't there untill final thickness sanding ..doesn't go thru to the back and is very stable..gives it an individual presence...the neck is also one of a kind being laminated two ways with walnut strips..not sure to use nickel or try bronze hardware...109119109120109121109122

Nov-08-2013, 3:13pm
Wow that's just beautiful.

John MacPhee
Nov-08-2013, 7:01pm
Magnificent! A true piece of art.

Nov-09-2013, 2:38am
Nom nom, bronze imo

Eric Michael Pfeiffer
Nov-09-2013, 10:58am
Very nice!

Ron McMillan
Nov-09-2013, 11:54am
That's very striking. I love the walnut in the neck. This is going to look lovely when it's all fitted out. What's on the 'florida' fingerboard extension? I can't work out if it's a crucifix or some left over tape.


Michael Bridges
Nov-10-2013, 7:20am
Appears to be two small strips of tape when I really zoom in on the pic,Ron.Buckhorn, that is a beauty! Do you have some sound clips available of your mandos? I'd love to hear what they sound like!

Nov-10-2013, 8:50am
it's a cross made from mother-of-pearl...it's on a tilt so when it is played , it appear straight up....

Michael Bridges
Nov-10-2013, 9:48am
Well, I just missed THAT one completely! Going back, I just didn't zoom in enough. Cool touch.