View Full Version : Breedlove OF / Kentucky km160 Comparison Videos

Nov-07-2013, 9:05am
My playing needs a lot of work but this might be useful to someone for something...

Here are two vids of Whiskey Before Breakfast, one on the Kentucky 160 and one on the Breedlove. I got the Breedlove last week and have been trying to get used to the wider nut and neck thickness. I raised the action yesterday and it feels better. I'll try to record another video now with the new strings and higher action on the Breedlove.

The 2007 Kentucky km 160

2009 Breedlove OF with J75 strings

Breedlove OF with Elixir strings

Sorry for the playing! Oh, these were recorded with my Droid HD...super low tech.

Nov-07-2013, 9:38am
Thanks for posting the comparisons . I had never heard a Breedlove . To my ear the km160 seemed to have a warmer tone.

Nov-07-2013, 10:38am
I just posted the Breedlove video now with Elixir strings too in the original post...

Its pretty interesting the listen to the tone differences side by side...

I think what I'll probably do is try some EXP 74 on the Breedlove next.

I thought once I got the Breedlove I would ditch the Kentucky but I still like the Kentucky too. Nice to have different sound options.

thanks for not dogging on my playing! :))

cayuga red
Nov-07-2013, 10:52am
Nicely done! I prefer the Kentucky sound but both are fine instruments.

Tom Coletti
Nov-07-2013, 5:33pm
The Breedloves are designed to work best with medium strings (specifically EXP-74s) but the Elixirs sound really good on it. I think that the 75s were a bit too thick and started to choke off the sound on the bass strings.


Nov-17-2013, 3:01pm
Good "side by side", but to me the Kentuck sounds quite dull and fairly un responsive especially on the highs.

Nov-17-2013, 3:44pm
The Breedlove has high action? That doesn't seem right. It should be quite easy to play. That said, if it is set to play with lighter strings then the stiff heavies won't play as well.

Nov-17-2013, 5:38pm
No... The Breedlove still has a pretty low action, but when I got it the previous owner had it really low.

It is very easy to play still, and if i picked it up with no prior knowledge of the instrument I'd probably still think, "That's a nice low action."

It's gotten a bit louder as a result of the new strings, or my familiarity with the fretboard.

The tone of Breedlove has really impressed me with time. It is rich and complex, like a thick bouquet. With each passing week I am really starting to like it.