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Nov-04-2013, 2:10pm

Nov-04-2013, 2:12pm
This is a beautiful mandolin, I don't know much about it. Appears to be solid wood top back and sides. I'm new to playing mandolin and this seems like a pretty easy instrument to play. Anyone know more about it? Inside the body it says Orpheum model OM 6S, made in Korea.


Jim Garber
Nov-04-2013, 2:37pm
Like this one (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Orpheum-OM-6S-Mandolin-F-Style-Excellent-W-Case-/350917975470?)? It might be OK if you are willing to pay $400 you might do better with The Loar or Kentucky A models in that price range.

Looks can be deceiving. Tone does not photograph well, necessarily.