View Full Version : Condino Brazilian rosewood mandolins

Nov-01-2013, 12:57pm
I've been so busy the last couple of years that I have not posted any new photos in a while. I've got a few special instruments coming out in the next couple of months, so I'll try to get them posted. Here is a little taster of #2 from the new batch that I've been "field testing " for a couple of months; 50+ year old Brazilian rosewood, Ted Davis / John Arnold / John Hamlet harvested 1987 red spruce. HUGE volume and cut with a rich chocolate bottom end. Come by for a test drive and we'll get in a few laughs telling how I saved this one from a burning building while it was under construction.

This is the Ruby from my new "jems" series, part of a matched set quartet. There will be another in emerald green later this month, along with a big mandocello and Bob's F5 all coming soon.

Thanks for looking;)


Skip Kelley
Nov-01-2013, 1:49pm
James, that is beautiful! Is that the one you has strung up when I was up there?

Steve Sorensen
Nov-01-2013, 2:17pm

Dale Ludewig
Nov-01-2013, 2:32pm
Beautificous!!! Is that one that was there when I visited in the spring? Must be. Just beautiful.

Jim Garber
Nov-01-2013, 3:11pm
Very nice, indeed, James. I was just curious... are all the instruments using f-holes? I am used to seeing the offset multiple holes models, tho I have seen your others with f-holes as well.