View Full Version : Collings MT

Feb-20-2005, 2:26pm
Here's a pic of my Collings MT Came from Cotten Music came across the sea to the UK. Sorry my photography isn't up to much.

John Flynn
Feb-20-2005, 2:40pm
Beautiful! Great choice.

Feb-21-2005, 1:01pm
Well, what's your opinion of the new mando?

Feb-21-2005, 2:29pm
Very nice, How does it sound?

Feb-21-2005, 6:20pm
The thing I like about this Mando is that it vibrates in an uncanny way, all the wood seems to be involved in making the sound if that makes sense. I'm no virtuoso player not by a milion miles but to me it really sings in a way that other mandolins I've played do not. I've had it for 6 months or so and in that time it seems to have opened up in tone a little by which I mean it is easier to find that sweet spot when I'm pickin. I tried a M/K f style recently and it seemed rather dead in comparison - But then again the Collings is twice the price.
**I just re-read what said and thought I'd better add No disrespect intended to M/K owners**

BTW I changed the picture for a better one. There was a yeti in the room when I took the last one.