View Full Version : Re-profiling the neck on my around the world traveller.

Pete Jenner
Oct-25-2013, 4:36am
Based on advice from Messrs Coombe and Gilchrist, I have re-profiled the neck on the mandolin I'm taking around the world with me. It's now got much more of a V shape and feels easier to play. Touching up the finish a bit too (hope it dries before Friday). Hopefully now it can hold it's own among the Sorensens, Jacobsons, Girouards, Hamletts and other builder's products we encounter on the journey.


Cheryl Watson
Oct-25-2013, 8:55am
I've done this with several expensive mandolins (and guitars). It's scary because you can take wood off, but you can't put wood back on. After each coat of tung oil, for extra smoothness I use micromesh 3200. Peter, do you use tung oil or perhaps boiled linseed oil? Something else?

Pete Jenner
Oct-25-2013, 9:37am
I haven't used any of those Cheryl. I probably should. Hopefully I'll learn from my visit to builders while I'm in the US. I've just polished with a couple of layers of hard shellac on this one, then used the 2400 grit Micromesh very lightly. It's pretty smooth but probably not in the speedneck category.

Cheryl Watson
Oct-25-2013, 9:56am
Well, whatever those luthiers told you to do would be great advice. I never thought of using shellac.
Micromesh is such a great product.

Pete Jenner
Oct-25-2013, 10:01am
Yeah I agree. It's a pity the pads are so small though.