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  1. Practice between chords chops and fills help
  2. Red Apple Rag Mandolin Lesson
  3. G sus chord?
  4. Evelyn's Big Book for Mandolins 2015
  5. Most Efficient Way to Practice Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales?
  6. Learning Strategies
  7. Which type of practice do you do?
  8. Chop Chords
  9. Fox On The Run by Dixie Gray Help
  10. Should 3rd Position Be Painful?
  11. English translation of Leone's method (1785)
  12. Another right hand question!
  13. Advice on Practice, Playing etc. from SONNY ROLLINS
  14. Tremolo on E Strings
  15. Incorporating licks, how?
  16. A7 Chord
  17. Share your 2018 mandolin challenges.
  18. Can we talk mandolin rhythm/backup playing?
  19. How to Play Brilliancy
  20. Practicing Without Your Mandolin
  21. Pick position/technique
  22. "Push" vs hammer and pull
  23. Chopping Odd Chords
  24. Right Hand Movement/Wrist
  25. A "legal" finger cheat for chords?
  26. Wolle picks for clasical playing, help pls?
  27. Pass the Picks Along!
  28. Wagon Wheel Lesson
  29. When to switch Positions
  30. If you had to begin your mandolin journey again from the start...
  31. A spin off of the, "start your mandolin journey again thread"...
  32. Monroe Downstrokes
  33. There is NO WAY that pinky is going to make it to the boardwalk!
  34. Tunes that improve technique
  35. Another pinky issue
  36. Feedback? (Video)
  37. Playing Off Beat?
  38. The Rain Song - guitar tutorial
  39. How to play harmony
  40. Fiddle Tune Mandolin Tabs by Dan Levenson
  41. Fingers too fat to fret with
  42. What is this chord 6-4-0-0?
  43. Am Chop Chord
  44. Playing with 'itis issues
  45. Another capo question
  46. How to practice strumming techniques, and strumming + singing?
  47. Right Hand Planting vs. Free Floating
  48. Wonky Waltz
  49. What do you do instead of pizzicato?
  50. 8 versus 10
  51. Andy Wood
  52. Right Hand Problem with New Mandolin
  53. Pick click
  54. How to determine the beat on songs you've never heard?
  55. Fretting hand technique
  56. Fretting hand technique
  57. Chord Tone Scales: Bridge to Practical Application
  58. F Major Chords
  59. Jazzmando
  60. Fast chromatic run?
  61. Slurs
  62. Little Martha - tutorial
  63. F9 Chord Workaround/Cheat?
  64. Brute Force vs. Exemplar Soloing (Yup, I made those terms up).
  65. A tip for improving your playing in one hour...
  66. Recording a Mandocello
  67. Buzzing Tailpiece - Help!
  68. so, do any of you use a chart book when gigging?
  69. 2 beat song, slightly off note - Leader was impressed.
  70. One finger - two frets?
  71. Hand Pain During FFcP
  72. Bernstein's 5 minute music history lecture (NMC)
  73. Barre Chord finger pain
  74. Feedback on new mando/guitar/music theory lesson site? :)
  75. Substitution for G dominant seventh chord
  76. Picks Slippingand rotating while playing
  77. Breaking the TAB habit
  78. Effective picking exercises for speed and accuracy?
  79. Practicing Intentionally - Things to Practice
  80. Playing Loud and Staying Loose?
  81. Why Does this Work???
  82. Banjo Ben Clark Trial - Three Free Lessons
  83. Why keys of B and B flat?
  84. Teaching a child bluegrass guitar
  85. Playing to a song
  86. Monroe doesn't swing!
  87. Best Guitar Apps for Learning How to Play Guitar
  88. Exercises for artificial harmonics
  89. Is there a personal limitation for speed?
  90. Scales.
  91. Troy Grady Interviews Andy Wood's right hand
  92. Speed burst technique
  93. Tab for romeo and juliet theme - a time for us
  94. Ffcp
  95. Improving without playing
  96. Is it necessary to keep the pick vertical to the strings?
  97. Red Prairie Dawn
  98. Cut time, 2/2, 4/4???
  99. Bluegrass slide
  100. Cloverleaf Rag Tablature
  101. 8 note bebop type scales
  102. Keys to Focus On
  103. By The Numbers
  104. Looking for Advice for Holding Fingers Down
  105. Need a little help with chop rhythm
  106. Major and minor blues scale patterns
  107. Online Learning Site for Newbie
  108. Instantly absorbing tunes
  109. New mandolin ebook - Learning Mandolin: a Genre-Hopping approach
  110. Fighting Robotic Impulses
  111. Right arm tension
  112. Best Beginner Book for Learning to Read Music
  113. Looking for online mandolin lessons
  114. Letís talk about this guy learning blues guitar in a month.
  115. Essential Mandolin Techniques.
  116. Improvement By Thinking.
  117. Recording King REsonator Mandolin
  118. Question about minor scales
  119. Foggy mountain special
  120. Tremolo on E String
  121. Flying Fourth Finger
  122. Chord theory
  123. Left Forearm Pain
  124. Need help with Jigs
  125. keys that don't sound good
  126. The great 440 Hz conspiracy, and why all of our music is wrong
  127. Right Hand Technique
  128. ABC/Tabledit Help
  129. Tuned in Fifths
  130. Riffstation App is now FREE
  131. Soloing, breaks and improvisations
  132. Chart showing notes, ranges of multiple instruments
  133. Different G chord
  134. 3 fingered chop chords?
  135. Note of thanks to Baron Collins-Hill
  136. Rootless chords
  137. Beginner, pick-holding question
  138. Thoughts on Mandolessons, Pegged Nation and other sites
  139. Metronome use question???
  140. Ring vs Pinky, again?
  141. Can someone please give me a hand with G/F#?
  142. Strategy to get better
  143. Music downloads
  144. Cut capo 2002 for CGDA tenor guitar or mandola
  145. Bluegrass up the neck
  146. What mando chords are these?
  147. Capo Madness (no mandolin content)
  148. Pentatonic question
  149. 1 year learning alone. Constructive criticism please!
  150. Learning mandolin online etc
  151. Suggestions on learning chords?
  152. Working on tremelos. Good trick or am I cheating myself?
  153. Left hand/thumb position/technique
  154. Ice cream changes
  155. Sam Bush instructional DVD suggestions
  156. Am I going about practicing properly?
  157. Prodigious and Sophisticated Musicians
  158. 1 year, self taught - give me some feedback (audio clip)
  159. Help me find what I'm looking for...
  160. Help me in Broadening my scope
  161. FREE ebook: Learning Mandolin: a Genre-Hopping Approach
  162. Bluegrass Guitar
  163. Books I've been going about learning
  164. Chopping to a metronome
  165. Two G Major Scale Open String Studies
  166. Note Manipulation
  167. Memorizing Chords and Progressions
  168. How do you contort your fingers so?
  169. String Striking Technique
  170. 3rd FFcP Fourths Exercise (theory question)
  171. Right Hand Pick Slips When I Strum Chop Chords
  172. A friend needs a Lefty fiddle tune book
  173. White's "Compass of the Mandolin"
  174. Anyone interested in a mando student on LI Levittown area?
  175. Chording help
  176. Finger drift
  177. Has anyone used ıı book by Robert Banc'alari 'J. S. Bach for Ma
  178. Finding the groove
  179. Recommended Resources for Learning to Read Music?
  180. Proper form for playing B major shape chords on mandolin
  181. (in)definitive chord guides
  182. What is Groove?
  183. Whatís the hardest tune you can play on mandolin? (Or family)
  184. Trouble following this Whiskey in the Jar rendition
  185. ĎRestsí
  186. Open Tuning
  187. Rhythm for reels and western swing
  188. Counting
  189. Theory Geeks: Mixing sharps & flats in nomenclature?
  190. Practice strategies
  191. A Question for the Theory Geeks
  192. Score for "I Never Will Marry"
  193. About empty strings (mandolin)
  194. Using Tab to Learn Fretboard
  195. Permutation exercises
  196. Alternative Repeats in Tabledit
  197. Improv From Scratch
  198. Picks
  199. How to build a dynamic practice routine...
  200. Favorite Mando Christmas Tunes
  201. John Reischman lead intro to what are they doing in heaven today
  202. Pick Choice and Dynamics
  203. Riffstation app
  204. Banjo tunes?
  205. The Jethro Burns Lessons online
  206. Tremolo Tuesdays-Let's work on our tremability!
  207. How do you approach a complex piece of music
  208. How do you speed up the left hand?
  209. Pain in left wrist after playing mandolin
  210. Sam Bush Bluegrass Mandolin lessons - sheet music, chords, tabs
  211. I-IV-V Chords?
  212. Tips on reaching the F Chord
  213. Finger style Mandolin
  214. Complete Mandolinist and other books
  215. Sight reading ideas
  216. "Working the Mic" on Stage - any videos?
  217. Reading notation up the neck
  218. Tremolo question
  219. Using Wunderlist to organize my practice time
  220. Mandolin without marks on the neck
  221. Left Wrist Placement
  222. Modes - Practicing to Cement Their Sound in Your Head
  223. fun practice exercise
  224. Silly pick question but....
  225. how to separate tremolo notes?
  226. strumming help
  227. Pluck / Strum Strength on Oval Versus F Hole
  228. Learning DVD's/books/resources
  229. Did setup change wake up the better player?
  230. Need Help Progressing
  231. So, was creating a new song...
  232. What is this chord?
  233. Tab for John Reischman's Quilombo
  234. Sam Bush vs Sierra Hull right hand
  235. Pinky reach vs. position shift (Haste to the Wedding)
  236. Do I post about my latest improvements?
  237. Memorizing the neck
  238. 1 year of online lessons
  239. What's a Chord Melody?
  240. Learning different keys
  241. Training the Mind
  242. Gift for Mentor?
  243. So Thatís What Violin Players Hear!
  244. Mandolin - Brothers Osborn - Tequila Again
  245. How to play in A Flat
  246. Annie song - mandolin part
  247. Slipping plectrum
  248. If you only knew it back then...
  249. Left hand
  250. Practice regimen for a new player