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  1. Looking for lessons
  2. Looking for instructor in the Houston Texas area
  3. Scale Patterns
  4. A7b9 arpeggio fingering
  5. Learning a tune in multiple keys
  6. looking for a D7thb9 chord
  7. TablEdit *.cat files
  8. Saw Tommy Emmanuael being interviewed
  9. Book of tablature?
  10. Niles Hokkanen Pentatonic Mandolin
  11. slurs
  12. Experimenting Making Unusal String Sounds Etc
  13. Tuning mandolin down a whole step to FCGD
  14. Correct Posture, and Hand position Questions
  15. Dotted feel - how much and when?
  16. When can one rename a tune?
  17. Mandolin + fiddle = ???
  18. Dm9
  19. Tortoise shell picks
  20. Learning on a High Action or Low Action Stringed Instrument.
  21. Sweet Spot on the Mandolin Fret Board
  22. Memorizing & Talking to Instructor
  23. Another type of musical notation.
  24. Buzzing when fretting
  25. Kicking off songs
  26. Pinky and three-finger chords
  27. Software for chord charts?
  28. mandolin to mandola
  29. Pinky finger or third finger?
  30. Need Recommendations: Learning Standard Notation
  31. How do I play faster?
  32. How do I get ... there?
  33. help with doublestops
  34. Tendonitis forces right hand only practice
  35. Lefty Playing right handed
  36. Bad Habits
  37. Muted Chops
  38. What makes a rag a rag?
  39. Misc internal ramblings about last nights gig.
  40. Could improper fretting hand technique cause pain in a finger?
  41. Learning Resources Advice
  42. ABRSM Violin Exam Pieces
  43. TablEdit Help, please
  44. Chord fingering question
  45. Early Bill Monroe style
  46. Grooved Finger Tips
  47. would this harmonious or distracting?
  48. Is GDAE tuning is a random invention?
  49. New tutorial for older MuseScore (music notation app)
  50. Can any song be played in any scale?
  51. What chord is this?
  52. List of "cliches"?
  53. Harmonics
  54. New (to me) Idea on Learning by Ear
  55. Mandolin tab conversion
  56. Sweep or cross pick
  57. University research
  58. Trying to understand rounded picks
  59. so a song can be played in any key, but is it? Usually?
  60. Fast Triplet Run... To Hammer or Pick?
  61. Playing in a different key
  62. Mando picking hang ups. Need remedies
  63. Pros/Teachers - What is the most important tip you can give?
  64. Science Shows Why Drum Machines Will Never Replace Live Drummers
  65. Tremolo Paradox
  66. Advice for a Potential MusicTeacher
  67. How do you play a "dark" vs. "brighter" tone?
  68. Norwegian Wood: 3/4 or 6/8 ?
  69. Favorite Key and Why
  70. Harmonizing
  71. C Chop Chord Fingering
  72. New Awesome iBook
  73. New Don Julin Instructional Video
  74. How to play every major chord on the mandolin (Beginner Lesson)
  75. Music theory explained
  76. Music is a language: Victor Wooten
  77. Mike Compton's Slides
  78. Simplifying Fiddle Tunes
  79. Interesting crosspicking video
  80. Sing into the soundbox
  81. Cool tip for the electric guitar players (no mando content)
  82. Beginner here. Need Help
  83. Where can I learn MacReynolds crosspicking?
  84. Tips for making Mandolin sound like Mandocello
  85. Why Are There So Many Different Chord Charts?????
  86. cross picking challenge
  87. What did it sound like, in 5 words?
  88. Melody embellishment
  89. Help me out with this gospel track
  90. A Bluegrass Scale Improv
  91. Crosspicking Definition
  92. How to play every minor chord on the mandolin lesson video
  93. Right-hand technique
  94. What should i be learning next ?
  95. How to get more out of your mandolin tone!
  96. playing other stringed instruments
  97. Irish mandolin jigs for new player?
  98. G major arpeggio lesson
  99. Advice of just journaling
  100. Why is there an 'A' note in Cdim chord?
  101. cross picking question
  102. Exercises to loosen left hand fingers for fretting
  103. A Major Arpeggios Video Lesson
  104. Alternate Picking Convention
  105. Best chord diagram list ever!
  106. Sheet Music for Classic Rock
  107. Mandolin progression - rewarding?
  108. new lesson video on how to play Cockles and Mussels on mandolin
  109. How to Play the D Major Arpeggio on the Mandolin
  110. Guitar to Mandolin Cross Over
  111. Crosspicking Lesson How to Play Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  112. Question about tab from an newb
  113. Noob question playing in different keys
  114. Exercises for stretching first to seventh fret (LH)?
  115. Implementation of a Roll or Turn
  116. McReynolds Style Crosspicking lesson (I'll fly away)
  117. Learn to read music?
  118. Accuracy
  119. Sounding "pitchy"
  120. Complete newbie with chord chart question
  121. New at Mandolin-question about fingering
  122. fretting on mandola: same as mandolin?
  123. The pop and chop
  124. Jimmy Gaudreau dim lick
  125. Is anyone familiar with this?
  126. Dixieland
  127. Thought Provoking Article
  128. Alternate picking and quarter notes
  129. Penatonic scale ?
  130. New Jerusalem
  131. A list of chords for mandola: where to find
  132. A simple way to get more exercise for your pinky
  133. Understanding Modes
  134. Hands too big
  135. Playing with accuracy
  136. Great idea at Centrum Choro workshop - Video of the classes
  137. Thumb Position
  138. Trouble with double stops
  139. Question about Dancla exercises
  140. Back from a 1.5 year hiatus
  141. Mandolin for singers
  142. Right hand shakes
  143. Alison Stephens - 6 excursions
  144. Right hand shakes
  145. OT - Guitar, capo 2nd fret
  146. Harp-like arpeggios
  147. John Lennon's Banjo Lesson
  148. Modes are so confusing
  149. When to play beyond 7th fret?
  150. Little practice daily vs long practice occassionaly
  151. To play double stop or not?
  152. Practicing Lightness
  153. What's the key?
  154. Alternate picking vs Tremolo
  155. What's the difference between a mode and a scale???
  156. diatonic scale and a chromatic scale.....what is it?
  157. Two exercise books I am really liking
  158. Great practice tool: Strum Machine (strummachine.com)
  159. What is chord progression??? lots of doubts:)
  160. Relative Major & Minor / Parallel Major & Minor??
  161. Building a Solo from the Melody - Michael Daves
  162. What is the Correct way to practice scales????
  163. Strumming like guitar?
  164. 3 note/string chords or 4 note/string chords?
  165. Strumming & Picking Patterns for beginners ?????
  166. Producing clean chords
  167. Looing for smoothness/legato exercises
  168. Finger placement advice.
  169. Help with some chords, please
  170. Mandolin Breaks in E?
  171. Gripping the pick too much when playing
  172. left wrist
  173. Worth Trying to Revamp my Lousy Right Hand After 25+ Years??
  174. Fairly new to the mandolin and I'm hoping this is the right place
  175. Sliding of my mandocello on my left thigh
  176. Several Beginner Questions...
  177. Problem of empty strings at the mandocello
  178. Why is there a G Chord in Red Haired Boy?
  179. Looking for THE book
  180. Tone and volume
  181. Jamming nerves!
  182. How to Practice - Contextual Interference Effect
  183. looking for a chord
  184. Practicing - some great insights
  185. is there a website that converts Guitar tab to mando tab?
  186. Is there any amount of finger pain you should tolerate?
  187. String Crossing Issue
  188. Speed Exercises
  189. mandola method
  190. Chopping: what to do for the on beat
  191. Crosspicking contamination?
  192. Duo-Style, in reverse?
  193. Practicing chops
  194. That Whinny sound
  195. Ghost Notes?
  196. What to do first?
  197. Maintain a Neapolitan mandola
  198. Advice on cross picking speed.
  199. Learning FFCP. Learning tunes in other patterns? Positions?
  200. Mandolin chop chords/guitar chords.
  201. Fretting Fifths
  202. Where to start?
  203. too many fiddles!
  204. Question about arpeggios...
  205. Name the top three things that have made you a better Mandolinist
  206. Left Hand Technique / Muting the E-String
  207. Advice on where to spend time in practice.
  208. Good enough? Practice tips
  209. Intonation Issue/Observation
  210. Singing after a break ?
  211. How to practice with limited time...
  212. helpwith pattens in B
  213. Jam tracks, backing etc...
  214. Does this chord exist?
  215. Does this chord exist: F man 6?
  216. More Practicing
  217. How thick the pick?
  218. In and Out pentatonic table
  219. Nice tunes for beginners + advice on the tremolo
  220. First Chords
  221. How to find chords/chord progression for a self composed song
  222. useful website chords and scales
  223. When your tone is just not there
  224. Fun practicing with YT isolated drum tracks
  225. Final Chop Rhythm
  226. purelymandolin
  227. Boss RC3 Looper pedal.
  228. triad blues
  229. Boom-chick strumming patterns for mandolin?
  230. Transpose to a different key
  231. Playing slurs? Legato?
  232. Newbie
  233. BG: Single movable chord vs different shapes?
  234. BG: Dominant Seventh chords
  235. Songwriting: How do YOU find your melody?
  236. Jacob Reuven Warm Up Routine
  237. Mandotabs site down for everyone else?
  238. What to do with the sixth string?
  239. Are you sure this works?
  240. Right hand thumb position
  241. Turns -folk and classical
  242. Holding the pick
  243. Finding chords and double stops
  244. Singing while playing...
  245. Another FFcP believer!!!
  246. BIB, ChordPulse? Record Yourself With Backing
  247. Metronone-How often do you use yours and how do you use it?
  248. fingering the chords
  249. Playing for a year, still a beginner
  250. I am so dumb