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  1. Song brought me down a notch...
  2. Pinky Problems
  3. Beginner practice techniques
  4. Need desperate help
  5. Good Listening and Practice Tunes?
  6. Beyond Basic Chopping - How to not hit those dead strings?
  7. Name of Chord, Please
  8. Struggling - Or maybe I'm not. Any input?
  9. Fretting on Fretting
  10. Being a beginner at a jam...
  11. 12 Bluegrass Tunes That Say It All--Mandolin Edition
  12. Should a Serious Mandolin Player Learn Classical?
  13. What do they Teach at Berklee? (no mando content)
  14. Italian music for beginners?
  15. Improvisation - the role of feedback
  16. Looking For Intermediate & Advanced Mando & Guitar Tab/Chords
  17. Triplets and Pick Direction
  18. Right hand Technique: "The Key Turn"
  19. To Chop or Scratch
  20. Another new person ---HELP---- post. *Long*
  21. Transposing from guitar
  22. What do you most want to learn?
  23. Old Time vs. Bluegrass Format for a Slow Jam?
  24. Practice regimen advice
  25. Help!
  26. Help w/ chords played in Tony Rice All-Star Jam - Red Haired Boy
  27. What is sock rhythm?
  28. Extended VS. Curled Fingers AND Palm mute while chopping?
  29. pick direction
  30. Getting Jazz Mandolin (the book)__practice schedule
  31. Getting Jazz Mandolin (the book)__note vs positions
  32. Developing right hand fluidity
  33. Experienced guitarist to take up mandolin
  34. Noob question
  35. practice technique for increasing speed of picking (not tremolo)
  36. The Paradoxical Pick Grip
  37. Licks tabs
  38. Shortened My Strap and I'm Playing Better!
  39. fingerbusters manual
  40. need help getting into "Masters of the Mandolin" book
  41. Question on pick strike.
  42. Instrumental order for learning a new tune
  43. Help: unlearning old bad habits - left hand position
  44. Gonna do the boring picking exercises
  45. "Free Play," by Stephen Nachmanovitch
  46. Son of Super-Efficient Mandolin Practice
  47. Wrist Tension on Pinky Stretches
  48. Good mando book suggestions
  49. Right Hand Position
  50. Exercises Anyone?
  51. Doublestops
  52. Mandolin Tab to Music Notation Flash Cards
  53. here's me playng... looking for advices 1
  54. Weak Fingers
  55. left hand finger pressure
  56. This helped me relate between guitar and mandolin
  57. Pat Martino - Linear Expressions
  58. Irish music (HELP!)
  59. Digital mandolin
  60. iPhone/iPad apps for music notation
  61. Bluegrass-ifying old banjo songs
  62. Stops?
  63. Good beginner practice strategy
  64. DWsMusicExpedition
  65. don't squeeze your mando
  66. Do you practice mandolin standing up?
  67. How to "stretch"
  68. changing picks
  69. Right hand technique
  70. Somewhat unorthodox pick grip
  71. Learning fiddle with tab
  72. Mandolin For Dummies
  73. Cotton Eye Joe
  74. Left hand position
  75. Strategies For Improvising PI "The Right Note at the Right Time"
  76. Musical inspiration:
  77. Scale Patterns - Master Guide
  78. Proper number of notes for a waltz tremolo?
  79. 19 fret vs 17 fret tenor banjo
  80. Tone on A and E strings
  81. How much "up-and-down" movement....
  82. Finding chord shapes in same area of fretboard
  83. very new player, first question
  84. Beautiful Star of Bethlehem
  85. Diagonal Scales
  86. How does a beginner go about "playing along with" a song?
  87. Music software, chord diagrams
  88. left hand position ? V gap behind the neck !
  89. Get a Grip
  90. Quick triplets question
  91. Mike Compton in Brisbane Australia
  92. Fingertip Callouses (a theory)
  93. Tremolos: How fast is too fast?
  94. If Music is a language...
  95. Trouble with open chords and open E string
  96. Playing isn't like riding a bike
  97. Learning Standard Notation
  98. "Dead Man's" tuning??
  99. Gypsy Jazz, suggested listening, and playing advice
  100. All my licks tend to sound the same.
  101. Modes; Chord-scales: II
  102. Novice seeking advice
  103. Looking for a good teacher in southern California
  104. Injury from too much picking?
  105. My Incorrect Pick Grip
  106. Left thumb placement
  107. Injured right index finger ...question
  108. Rhythm Guitar messing up my mandolin playing??
  109. Help needed maning up my pinky finger
  110. Playing Pain
  111. Chris Theile's Violin Scales are from Galamian
  112. Economy picking.. and why I should be practicing more.
  113. Learning to sing the tune you want to play
  114. So many things,I don't know
  115. Ornaments on tenor banjo especially fiddle (rolls)
  116. Is this C chord very common?
  117. Learning how to sight read on mandolin.
  118. Examples of Roland White "behind the beat"
  119. Demonstration of European ear training and solfege techniques
  120. Your go to chords
  121. pinky training - just another approach
  122. Music Theory Question
  123. Beautiful Flow of FFCP
  124. Fingering for G-9
  125. Anyone else using tetrachords?
  126. Fun With Flatpicking
  127. Never plant/post when picking
  128. Right hand wrist technique/position
  129. Backup
  130. How to hold the pick for different playing styles??
  131. A question about, well, music?
  132. Made the Decision
  133. "sweet spot" on oval hole different than what I'm used to
  134. new beginer
  135. Playing the notes "round"
  136. Beat Induction -- Humans, Monkeys
  137. please recommend: bluegrass mando videos
  138. Scale Warm-Up Exercises - Your Favorites
  139. Progress of a new player
  140. How to practice the mandolin.
  141. Good "starter" Bach for mandolin
  142. Is it true? Downstrokes?
  143. double stops confused
  144. How to Play EADG Guitar Chords On Mandolin
  145. 6/8 jig feel pick action training
  146. Laptop specs for online lessons?
  147. practicing with drones
  148. Picking faster
  149. ABC Notation
  150. Holding and using the pick
  151. Mandolin tips for a violinist? :)
  152. Butch Baldassari's muting technique
  153. slowing down wmv video and extracting
  154. The Doflein Method Volume 2 for Mandolin ??
  155. tunes with arpeggios wanted
  156. learning instrumentals
  157. Breathing While Playing
  158. Mandozine "Arpeggios - David Grisman" chart or good alternatives
  159. Scales and a list of two finger chords
  160. On taking lessons
  161. Bass/Chord backup with simple bass line fills
  162. "K" Position Chords
  163. A query: availability of a tutor on mandolin tableture?
  164. A Guide to Non-Jazz Improvisation: Mandolin Edition
  165. Tabs vs music notation
  166. What are the notes in Amin6 ?
  167. Basic mandolin theory
  168. which key ? Bflat D#
  169. a video of 3 songs from a beginner
  170. Cold Frosty Morning - Chords in B part
  171. How would you pick this?
  172. Help a beginner?
  173. Going from Bad to Mediocre
  174. Transcribing/ Getting Started
  175. regarding down/up picking
  176. sharktooth pick
  177. Left hand technique
  178. Best way to learn by ear?
  179. Helpful hints for melodic freedom noodling?
  180. What makes a Decent Mandolin Player?
  181. Recommendation for Beginning Book
  182. Help with this piece? :)
  183. I think i may have gotten some wrong information.
  184. Beginner Q: Should I learn every single scale or is that dumb? ;)
  185. Did Pete Seeger really coin the phrase "hammer on"?
  186. Tips for tunes in B flat major/ G minor
  187. what key?
  188. The importance of being able to sight read?
  189. Dunlop Delrin 500 Standard Flatpick, 2.0mm
  190. "All of Me" mode question
  191. Learning to play in a new key
  192. Sharing Mandolin capabilities - Los Angeles California
  193. Tabledit Question
  194. Urgent assistance for right hand techniques: wanted: tips
  195. Learning videos
  196. Nails !.
  197. Chord patterns for E major, A major, E and A minor easier than th
  198. Finger picking vs. Flat picking, which is right?
  199. Pinky brushing for Tremolo
  200. Practice ideas
  201. Dummies Audio Tracks
  202. Chop chop chop
  203. Teaching my self to play!
  204. When Learning By Ear
  205. Looking for a good book to study Crosspicking...
  206. Tremelo, what is it? Whats it for? And hows it done?
  207. Your favorite volume or tone exercises
  208. Playing in B
  209. Thanks to Andy Statman!
  210. Cherokee Shuffle
  211. looking for info on 1 4 5 chords and progression
  212. Jazz chords
  213. Finger picking exercises?
  214. Suggest some
  215. Learning Downstroke technique - need tab suggestions
  216. Short & Stubby Fingers
  217. Learning New Songs
  218. Ba Da Da Bump Bump Bump (a question about pick direction)
  219. Rob Meldrum e-book anyone?
  220. Blues scale diagrams?
  221. Bad habits with right hand... I hold the pick wrong!
  222. In need of tips
  223. A list of diminished chords if there is such a thing
  224. Finding a Teacher - What I need to know.
  225. Tab Reader's Guide
  226. Have Travel, Will Mandolin...
  227. Left Hand Pinky - to use or not to use?
  228. mandolin method
  229. "Separated" chords
  230. Less-is-More
  231. New method needed for memorizing??
  232. Trouble fingering multiple strings on the same fret.
  233. What's the name for this chord, ADG ?
  234. Strange Guitar Chords
  235. Turnarounds
  236. Hand position while playing on the e-string
  237. Viola books for mandola - off the wall ideas?
  238. Question about drum machine programs
  239. Strumming a melody vs. Alternate Picking
  240. Beginner: How to choose the right scale for a song?
  241. Beginner: Music Notation Question
  242. Guitar Player wanting to learn Bluegrass Mandolin, best way?
  243. Who needs the 4th finger anyway:)
  244. Best Website for Lessons/Tips/Videos/etc.
  245. Others feelings on arm rests, and picking technique?
  246. Fascinating geometrical arrangement of the chromatic scale
  247. Training on an old mandolin
  248. Beginner Question on the "Chop"
  249. How do you play a basic DSusp chord on Mandolin?
  250. Mike Marshall's Mandolin Method: Improvisational Concepts