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  1. Can you help me with this rhythm?
  2. Figure 8 stroke for rythm
  3. nashville number chart
  4. what kind of a C chord
  5. Triplets? Jethro said...
  6. Slides/slurs
  7. Chris Thile's Stealing Second book/CD featured on the home page
  8. G Chord
  9. CGDAE Tunings
  10. Working through FFcP....
  11. Mandolin picker looking to inspire a guitar picker
  12. Tell me about: left hand, little finger
  13. Three Good Articles about How to Practice
  14. Mandolin Tablature Exchange Blog
  15. Never seen this particular combination of G-sharp and G-natural!
  16. Where Should I Start ?
  17. avoidence of barre chords
  18. Any books devoted to just rhythm mandolin?
  19. All Rivers Lead to the Ocean: Bluegrass Scale Hierarchy
  20. Tell me about: practicing chords as they are actually used
  21. Find a tune's "corners"...
  22. Help? Complete beginner: Chords sound no different..?
  23. Tim O'Brien Arpeggios exercises
  24. Tab for Vocal Bluegrass Songs
  25. Niles new book?
  26. Chalk Up Another One....
  27. right hand chafing on bridge
  28. Playing mandolin and vocals.
  29. Index Finger Bone Bruise and fiddle tunes
  30. Accidentals on Ornaments in Mixolydian Mode
  31. How Do You Finger a Harmonic Minor Scale?
  32. Piano to the Mandolin
  33. Reading Music
  34. Jethro Said...
  35. How do "you" work-up new songs...?
  36. Chord melody arrangements--how do you do it?
  37. Martial Arts Quotes and Practicing the Mandolin
  38. l.h. pizzicato
  39. Technique in Isolation v. Technique in Context Smackdown
  40. Pinky or not pinky
  41. Lack of improvement?
  42. Please help me get going.....
  43. The dreaded G chop chord
  44. Fingering chromatic licks (and scales)
  45. Any advice for a aspiring player?
  46. jazz chords for mandolin- which tones drop out?
  47. The Other Chop Chords
  48. Guitar strumming patterns
  49. Problems with Wish You Were Here
  50. 2 down, 1 up
  51. Mandolin Player Learning to Play Bass
  52. Mandolin Player Learning to Play Bass
  53. 3 string chords?
  54. learning materials for double stop improv up the neck?
  55. Etude recommendations and a bridge problem [newbie]
  56. Do You Know a Good Way to Practice Double Stops?
  57. For Guitar players that added Mandolin to their repertoire
  58. bright, clear, ringing treble tone
  59. Blues Phrasing and Up Down Picking
  60. Practice Tips. Mike Marshall's Mandolin Fundamental's DVD
  61. Swing 51
  62. Tinny E-String -- tips?
  63. Basic lead playing question
  64. picking style--up down?
  65. What does this mean?
  66. F Chop
  67. On Playing Quietly
  68. Tell me about: your strategy for teaching songs
  69. Left hand position
  70. remembering fiddle tunes
  71. Hesitate
  72. artificial harmonic
  73. Alternate picking two-string chord runs in lead lines
  74. Fiddle tunes with drones/etc for solo mandolin
  75. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
  76. I'm Shocked by How People Hold Their Mandolins
  77. Chords for "Ninety Nine Years (And One Dark Day)?
  78. useful scale chart
  79. Mandolin fretboard diagram needed with notes
  80. inspired ear training cds?
  81. beginner advice and finding sheet music
  82. Careful where you point that thing
  83. On Playing a Reel in Cut Time...
  84. Creating Dissonance
  85. Defining the "Intermediate" player
  86. Any 'Fado' Enthusiasts?
  87. Down and/or Up
  88. Tunes Ending on the Second Instead of the Tonic
  89. thinking enharmonically
  90. Open strings louder than fretted strings?
  91. Does anyone use thumb picks?
  92. Chords
  93. M. Marshall's new DVD
  94. timid
  95. 5 major chord form and the pinky finger
  96. The Tonal Functions of a Major Scale
  97. Foot tapping and timing-The story of Pinnochio
  98. Upbow Marks in Fiddle Music (Downstroke?)
  99. Off-beat downstrokes for accenting?
  100. CM7add6 Fingering
  101. Chris's Right Hand Technique
  102. Chords to Grisman's "Janice"?
  103. Mandocello books
  104. Diatonic fingering
  105. Notation, Tab or both
  106. Need some opinions on some songs of mine
  107. Question on articulation options for grace notes.
  108. Music Theory- Chord Progressions Etc.
  109. Good Mandolin music theory books?
  110. 2/4 vs 4/4 time on the mandolin
  111. "Catching" both strings in a course while picking
  112. What is the most unusual practice technique you have heard of?
  113. Musix Newsletter #16
  114. Picking too loud
  115. Suspended Chords
  116. My fingers are not strong enough!!
  117. Wow! The "Quality" Instrument Bump
  118. "sus" chords?
  119. CHORDS! What's the deal?
  120. Relaxed Picking: How Relaxed?
  121. General Practicing Tips
  122. Right Hand, any hope ? suggestions
  123. A-d-e
  124. Super Locrian: use in a Major Scale?
  125. Action vs. Sound: The Trade Off?
  126. Anyone made electronic flashcards for learning to read notation?
  127. Getting a More Legato Sound
  128. Learning to play by ear
  129. Is this a good method ?
  130. Don Julin Workshop at Elderly Instruments
  131. Could I really be a lefty?
  132. tremelo question
  133. Enter Your Time Machine - A Thought Exercise
  134. 4224 Chord Position
  135. Most comprehensive mandolin book
  136. Tremolo or trill?
  137. phrasing
  138. Starting right this time.
  139. Bluegrass Mandolin Styles
  140. Violin Etudes/Studies for mandolin advancement
  141. Ken's learning to play but where too first.
  142. Tips for playing on the highest frets
  143. Connecting fingers, ears, brain
  144. Slowing down You Tube video?
  145. Arpeggios, Rhythms, and Scales by Mike Laird
  146. Is playing fast like playing slow, only faster?
  147. why appegio's?
  148. Finger-style Octave?
  149. Where do you put your pinky when you are not using it?
  150. Applying Bloom's Taxonomy to Learning the Mandolin
  151. Pivot notes (floating)
  152. One-time job to offer: wrinting Guitar Pro File
  153. String tension issue
  154. Improvisation
  155. Chord Substitution and Modes in Bluegrass
  156. Advanced Practice: Chords, Scales, Arpeggios and Other Patterns
  157. YouTube Downloader - a warning !!
  158. Chord changes
  159. Should I Even Bother with Jazz?
  160. Bulletproof music
  161. "Yakety Yak" (revised lyrics!)
  162. Chris Thile Style Rhythm & Chords
  163. Walkin' 'round playin'
  164. Scales and Arpeggios Questions
  165. Fret Tester
  166. Why Down Strokes for Quarter Notes
  167. Tracks to practice with
  168. How Many Hours Should One Practice?
  169. What do I practice
  170. Lessons!
  171. Can't find a way to improve my ear.
  172. notes on the mandolin fretboard
  173. Moving Tabledit to another computer
  174. Sore fingertips
  175. Atlantic city mandolin solo Steve van zandt
  176. Lesson DVD for a Beginning Girl
  177. Once a Month Lessons?
  178. Question about Thile's use of chords
  179. Book on fingering theory
  180. Artist Academy of Bluegrass ? Any Feedback?
  181. Interesting Take On (With) Theory
  182. Would you like to memorize the "Parking Lot Picker's Songbook"?
  183. Super FFcP Warmup for Bluegrass
  184. The "Hard Pick" Quandry!!!
  185. New to Mandolin...
  186. Complete Mandolin Method eBook
  187. Any method for 5 stringed mandolin ?
  188. Playing Old Time Rhythm
  189. picking/plectrum techniques
  190. Triplet question
  191. Technique Question: Devil's Dream
  192. Fingering question
  193. How Great Thou Art tab
  194. Mandolin Theory
  195. Wegen m150 pick techniques (tremolo content)
  196. Beyond Bluegrass Mandolin - First Impressions?
  197. Warm Up Before Practice
  198. "ASAP Bluegrass Mandolin" by Eddie Collins
  199. Modulation in song
  200. I Used To Hate Here, Now I Love Her.. An encouraging word
  201. Program/Exercises in Hearing Chords !
  202. Alternate picking rules. Are they mandatory?
  203. Nickel Creek Tabs?
  204. Plectrum position?
  205. Wegen M150 Pick
  206. Em or Em7 chop chord
  207. The value of a great teacher (Don Julin)
  208. Splitting strings
  209. Soloing Tips
  210. Applying Carl Flesch's Violin Scales to Mandolin
  211. Seeking Cool Chord Progressions
  212. Help needed reading standard music notation
  213. Feedback on New Design
  214. Ask the experts - is this a good practice idea?
  215. Left hand position
  216. Difficult left fingering
  217. What do Famous Musicians Recommend about Practicing?
  218. What do you practice when you practice bluegrass?
  219. Minor chop chords
  220. tremolo dynamic control
  221. Learning Musical Theory
  222. Testing every little thing.
  223. over use of blues chords and bluesy riffs.
  224. Some Interesting Articles About Practice
  225. Question about numbers and music
  226. Keeping my left hand relaxed
  227. Pinkie workout
  228. Pick direction for a 6/8 tune like this?
  229. Trey Anastasio discusses improvisation
  230. Jazz Chord Dictionary?
  231. Scales, Arpeggios, Practice up the neck - Query
  232. Chord Selection
  233. How Many Fingers Fretting?
  234. Strings to Tight?
  235. Filling In
  236. Chord Note Placement
  237. holding the plectrum loosely
  238. Beyond Bluegrass Mandolin
  239. left hand vs. right hand
  240. C7 in "Two Finger Mandolin Chords"
  241. Getting Started
  242. Improving my accompaniment
  243. Can anyone help with bar chords?
  244. Mandolin Fretboard as Piano Keys
  245. The Complete Jethro Burns Mandolin Book
  246. Warm ups before playing???
  247. Fun Moving Up the Neck
  248. Four finger chop chord advice
  249. Old recordings that are "out of key"
  250. Middle finger/ Ringer finger stretch