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  1. APC/Carvahlo or Trinity College Octave?
  2. Folkfriends OHG Irish Bouzouki
  3. Looking for exotic scales for Mandola
  4. Pickguard for a Weber Octave?
  5. cistre provenant des états unis vers la France
  6. Using Tabledit to transpose from Manadolin GDAE to Mandola CGDA
  7. Restringing a TC Octave Mando
  8. Opinions about trading out a Weber Sage OM #1
  9. Weber Yelowstone A Mandola
  10. Zouk + Capo
  11. Strap pin location on a Weber 2011 Yellowstone A Mandola
  12. Pono M-20 Octave
  13. Aris Bouzoukis
  14. String Buzz Octave Mandoline
  15. i am having problems with "clefs" again. Treble or alto
  16. Will installing K&K pickup in a Weber Sage #1 OM decrease value?
  17. Phil Crump & Paddy Burgin OM's - your experience
  18. My Octave Mandolin Tab for MacArthur Road
  19. Octave in the Mix
  20. Trillium Mandola (new to me)
  21. Need a soft case for an oddly-shaped octave mandolin
  22. Favorite clip-on microphone for Irish bouzoukis
  23. 5 course questions
  24. Mandola songs?
  25. Yet Another “What Strings Do Yiu Use?” Thread !!!
  26. Any advantage to the headstock scroll on the bouzouki?
  27. Q. Re: up-tuned Eastman mandocello
  28. GOM more than holds it's own
  29. Mark O'Connor Little Maggie on Mandocello
  30. Scale length for Octave Mandolin
  31. Ecuadorian Bandolin
  32. Octave pairings?
  33. Octave Mandolin Stand
  34. Trinity College TM 325
  35. Mandocello Amplifier Thoughts
  36. A new OM
  37. Octave Mandolin - capo question
  38. 8 string Uke
  39. Ocatjo
  40. Dammann 5-course mandocello strings?
  41. Octave Mandolin Strings
  42. Trillium longscale mandola demo
  43. Strings for EBF#C# tuning
  44. The waiting begins: order in for Clark Octave
  45. Buzzing on Greek Bouzouki since I changed tuning + string gauges
  46. Pono GOM, preferred wood combo?
  47. An original tune on a Sobell mandola
  48. Mandocello "strum along" chords
  49. Mandocellos at CMSA
  50. Weber sage value
  51. Parlour King 8 string OM
  52. Anyone Recognize This Octave Mando?
  53. Short scale Northfield
  54. Adamas (Ovation) Mandocello.
  55. Octave C & G courses for mandola?
  56. Gold Tone OMS Bronze Wound Strings on a Trinity OM TM-325
  57. New Eastwood Mandocello
  58. Any Washburn Mandola Owners Out There? I have a question
  59. Where have all the Irish bouzouki / cittern players gone to?
  60. Mark is back
  61. "Clear Skies" new Mandocello Quartet
  62. Stop Me Before I 'Dola 'Gain!
  63. Mainland or Cretan Laouto
  64. New to OM--where do I start?
  65. Strings for Eastman MDO-305
  66. Thomastik's for MDO-305 Eastman Octave
  67. Octave mandolins are totally addictive
  68. Modern Method for Mandocello or still a Modern Method for Guitar?
  69. OM GDAd lesson
  70. Advantages of Guitar Bodied Bouzoukis?
  71. Octave Mandolin/Irish Bouzouki - how to choose first instrument?
  72. PW Crump Guitar Bodied Bouzouki?
  73. Fylde Signature Octavius Strings
  74. Build thread - Forster 8 string Irish bouzouki
  75. Arch-top GOM - oval or ff hole?
  76. Mandela to Octave Mandolin
  77. Octave strings options?
  78. Lefty Sobell octave mandolin for sale
  79. Mandolin Tuned as a Mandola
  80. The Joy of an OM
  81. OM fingering
  82. Holding an octave mandolin like a classical guitar
  83. String width at the bridge
  84. Mandocello Wikipedia
  85. Al Capone! Mandola player
  86. Strap for 'F' octave mandolin
  87. Anyone heard of "Koda", particularly their CGDA mandola model?
  88. who wouldn't want one of these?
  89. Bouzouki Fingering
  90. Bob Abrams, Luthier: Anybody know if he is still making instrume
  91. Flatwounds on octave?
  92. Trinity College vs. Eastman mandolas?
  93. ADAD too much tension for Hora Irish bouzouki?
  94. Have a photo of a Regal Octophone so we can illustrate Wikipedia?
  95. Anyone played a Gold Tone mandola?
  96. Octave Mandolin Course
  97. A new GBOM source: Lyn Hardy
  98. Ran Across this... had to share... "Bold Fisherman" on the M/C
  99. Guitar Body Octave Mandolin for Irish?
  100. Modal Harmony Webinar today
  101. Farrell's "Creggan White Hare" now my favorite voice/CBOM track
  102. Adam Rhodes playing a 10 string guitar bouzouki
  103. A new guitar bodied bouzouki
  104. Setting intonation on octave mandolin
  105. New Pono Octave Mandolin
  106. Bouzouki, OM, or Mandola?
  107. Joachim & Ry Cooder video
  108. octave on valium?
  109. Getting into Mandocello
  110. Trapeze Floating Tailpiece for 20" OM
  111. Gborm? Gbrom?
  112. Gold Tone BZ strings
  113. Building a Mandocello (But...)
  114. Octave Mando Tunings
  115. Partial capo for OM?
  116. Build in pick up/mic for Big Cittern
  117. OM case stinks
  118. Stringing question, new to octave
  119. Newbie OM questions
  120. Pono with Cedar top?
  121. Tenor Banjo String Gauge (CGDA v GDAE octave)
  122. Guitar bodied OM
  123. Octave mandolin tuning and string gauges video
  124. Excited to join this community and yet (another) string question
  125. Mixed octave strings on low end
  126. Irish trichordo and mandolin; Patreon tab & lesson
  127. Walter Douglas MBE, played by Dagger Gordon
  128. Capo for an octave
  129. Bach's Goldbeg Variations MandoCello and Cello
  130. Home Built Mandocello
  131. New OM on order
  132. Djillali Djerdi
  133. OM fretboard radius preference?
  134. Kirk Octave
  135. Flatiron 3MB Octave/Zouk