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  1. OM octave paired strings playability
  2. mandolin strings on a mandola?
  3. Joe Foley Tailpieces
  4. Pango Mandocello
  5. 1970s Sobell
  6. Best string set/gauges for Trinity College Bouzouki?
  7. Jumping from OM to Cittern?
  8. Post a photo of your 70s-early 80s Sobell, Abnett, etc.
  9. Mandocello left hand technique— thumb position
  10. arch top octave Wassup??
  11. Opportunity to buy an OM
  12. NOMD - Thomann Hora M1087-P
  13. Hardshell Case for Eastman Octave
  14. I bought an Octave! Now what?
  15. Beginner looking to Zouk: which bouzouki brands, which strings?
  16. Several songs for GDAD bouzouki.
  17. Any Mandola Mains Here?
  18. Mandocello tuned as octave?
  19. Played a Northfield Octave and Collings Mandocello today
  20. Considering a longer scale CBOM
  21. How to find a lefty OM?
  22. Mandocello, goldtone and Eastman comparisons please
  23. gibson mandocello
  24. Dola on the Way
  25. OM string difference between a 23.5" scale and a 21.5" scale
  26. More mandocello etudes (Bickford & Boden)
  27. New OM day - Ashbury Style E
  28. What to do with New Dola
  29. I Can't Find the Eastman MDO305 Octave Mandolins ANYWHERE
  30. Canon for two mandocellos (Domenico Gabrielli, 1689)
  31. Classical mandocello duos: Jacques Offenbach, Op. 49 (c. 1850)
  32. Lafferty Bouzouki
  33. More light gauges for my mandolin octave
  34. Mandola Hard Cases
  35. Mandola to Viola
  36. Trinity College TM-375 recommended strings
  37. Baroque mandocello duet: Air Anglois #19 (George Bingham, c1700)
  38. Jeremiah Clarke: A Trumpet Minuet, OM/mandocello duet
  39. Looking for simple Mandola and mandolin duet music.
  40. New OM Day
  41. Nyberg Cittern at Elderly
  42. French Baroque duet on tenor guitar and mandocello (de la Barre)
  43. LH Pain with Hora OM
  44. Weber Bridger OM: Sierra Hull
  45. NK Forster Guitar Bouzouki For Sale!
  46. One need not have any super-fancy instrument to have bouzouki FUN
  47. Dammann Mand-esque Demm-o
  48. Mandola / 12 String guitar
  49. Tone-gard for Eastman mandocello?
  50. Original music for SOLO Mandocello
  51. Mandocello solo and duo recordings playlist
  52. New Eastman OM
  53. Considering purchasing an Eastman MDA315...
  54. The Travellers Sid Dolgay mando-cello
  55. Giacomel 10 string Mandocello/Octave Mandolin
  56. Weber Bridger Octave vs Weber Bitteroot Oval Octave?
  57. Using 8 string ukulele strings on Ronroco (GgCcEEAAEE tuning)
  58. Mixing String sets
  59. Suggestions for Greek Bouzouki
  60. Bryan McDowell on Mendel Octave w/ Claire Lynch
  61. Petersen Octave
  62. Beginner Seeking Advice - Guitar or Octave Mandolin?
  63. Merry Christmas! (Gernandt 23.5 Octave mandolin)
  64. Lookout Blues
  65. Real talk: Are the C strings in the J78 packs dead?
  66. New to Bouzoukis!
  67. Mandolin strings along OM strings on an octave mandolin like 12 ?
  68. High Strung 12 string guitar - nice!
  69. Rental bouzouki needed west coast U.S.A.
  70. Peterson Cittern/OM - Capo basic questions
  71. What's the ideal scale length and string choice for octave?
  72. Octave Mandolin Brand/Model Recommendations
  73. new cittern
  74. Lefty ISO Octave Mandolin
  75. Northfield Archtops
  76. Greek Bouzouki help - Which walnut?
  77. Jimmy Moon Bouzouki
  78. New F-4 Octave Mandolin from TeeJay at Cricket Fiddle...
  79. Irish Bouzouki as first stringed instrument?
  80. Liberty on Octave Mandolin and ukulele
  81. Flatwound strings for 22” scale octave mandolin
  82. G string buzz
  83. Fretting intonation issues with Trinity College OM
  84. Octave Intro
  85. 22.75" scale length 6 string guitar to DGDADA or CGDAEB
  86. New Piece for Octave Mandolin or Mandocello
  87. Not from any dream
  88. New Mandola Day!
  89. Pono KR Strings Mandola TMD-20
  90. OM Nut Width?
  91. NMD Gibson pre-1910 H-1 Mandola
  92. Bouzouki fingerpicking improvisation "Ubi caritas"
  93. FIRST Octave on the way! Pono MND-20C
  94. The Smallest of Prayers
  95. Gold Tone Mandocello
  96. Gibson Mandocello - A Beauty from the 20's
  97. Gold tone OM
  98. Sierra Hull on her new Clark Octave Mandolin
  99. Underwhelmed by Northfield Archtop Octave Mandolin
  100. Nickel Wound 2nd course (mandola and bouzouki)
  101. what would be appropriate string diameters for a 20" scale OM?
  102. carved or flat top octave mandolin
  103. Sound Ports, are they any good
  104. Pono MND-20 Tenor size Octave Mandolin!
  105. A new flat-top pin-bridge bouzouki
  106. What plectra for the mandole?
  107. Guitar-sized acoustic bass: retune CGDA?
  108. Where are the Eastman OMs?
  109. new string gauges for octave 018T
  110. LR Baggs for Mandocello
  111. Finally! Got My Hands on a Flatiron Zouk! (relocated)
  112. 12 string half-mandocello.
  113. Five Hymns for Fingerpicking GDAD Bouzouki
  114. Shubb Capo Issues
  115. Sierra Hull split string tuning
  116. Taylor Hardbag for longscale mandola/short scale octave mandolin
  117. Bruno Royal Artist/ Kent Mandola
  118. Beaumont Rag on Goldtone Mandocello
  119. Emory Lester on the Northfield Octave
  120. So what would a 27" scale mandocello sound like?
  121. OM String recommendations
  122. picking a first bouzouki
  123. OM accompaniments a la Andy Irvine
  124. Any help identifying this beautiful instrument?
  125. Bouzouki built for under $1k? Any thoughts?
  126. Flatwounds on Eastman OM?
  127. Has anyone tried flatwound strings on a Pono octave mandolin?
  128. Matsikas Zouks
  129. Capo problem/question
  130. New version of the NK Forster Guitar bouzouki
  131. What Should A Beginner Look For When Purchasing a GREEK bouzouki?
  132. 5 String Baritone-Tenor or Cittern
  133. Eastman Octave MDO-305
  134. Trillium Octave mandolin string gauge
  135. Advice about Bouzoukis' prices and value.
  136. F-Style Mandola progress
  137. How old is this Greek bouzouki?
  138. Cumberland bridge on Eastman 815 mandola?
  139. New five course mandocello
  140. OM Setup
  141. Darragh Ó Ciardha Ó Cinnéide
  142. Restringing Gibson
  143. capek bouzouki
  144. It's Mandocello time at CMSA
  145. Ruben Bada irish bouzouki
  146. Kentucky octave mandolin
  147. Controlling Tone on Weber F Body Octave
  148. Bickford Mandocello Method
  149. Tenor ukulele for a CBOM player?
  150. Complete recordings of Calace's works for liuto cantabile?
  151. Olga Egorova on mandola
  152. New Bickford Mando-cello Method
  153. Bocolo Bouzouki. Has anyone heard of this brand of bouzouki?
  154. CBOMS in Ireland
  155. Irish Bouzouki Strings - custom vs of the shelf
  156. Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.
  157. nylon strung 4 string OM
  158. Octave Mandolin History
  159. Trillium Octave Internal K&K twin spot “sweet spot” location
  160. Spring Suite, May 2019 for OM or Mandocello
  161. Gold Tone OM-800 vs Trinity College TM 325
  162. Bellenghi and Weidt
  163. Guitar to mandocello conversion idea
  164. Godin MultiOud
  165. Jerry Miller - the banjo player's home-made book
  166. Most Mandocellos at CMSA
  167. Mandocello Specific Techniques
  168. Wanting to try a cittern (esp. Nordwall) in California/West Coast
  169. Andy Tobin Prototype bouzouki
  170. Octave Mandolin in Australia - struggling to find up to date info
  171. More 'Cello Power at 2019 CMSA!
  172. Strings for a K-1 Mandocello
  173. I made a "Smart" purchase this weekend
  174. Bickford MandoCello Method in BASS CLEF!
  175. an etude to share
  176. Bellenghi and Weidt mandocello methods
  177. Piccolo (Soprano) Mandolins
  178. Join us for the Second Ever Zoukology!
  179. Feeling guitar bodied Mandocello
  180. Night Hymn
  181. Converting Trinity College OM to lefty?
  182. Video of stolen 10 string guitar bouzouki
  183. Sawchyn Beavertail Mandola
  184. Thijs van der Harst Octave Mandolin
  185. Sobell 10-string Cittern (demo with mic and dual source PU)
  186. showing off my Lawrence A. Smart mandola
  187. New Vessel Octave- my homage to the whiteface era
  188. Sliding Door Side Port, Makers?
  189. Eastman MDA815 mandola is here...
  190. Octave Mandoline - where to buy a good one in or around Germany?
  191. Is this an octave mandolin or octave Mandola? Please help!
  192. Gibson K 4 Mandocello
  193. (Video) Pono Octave Mandolin...
  194. Merry Christmas (Davy Stuart Mandola)
  195. Mandocello tuning/tension (CcGgDdAa)
  196. string gauges for 23" scale electric OM?
  197. Playing Mandola - Tips & Tricks
  198. Guitar strings on a GBOM?
  199. Just so excited!!!
  200. Martin Faherty octave mandolin?
  201. Vega cylinders -- strings for mando, dola, cello?
  202. Eastman MDO305
  203. New Tobin Bouzouki for Manus Lunny
  204. Octave and Mandola
  205. Electric solid body OM
  206. Recommendation? Light/Medium Strings for CGDA 16.5" scale mandola
  207. Flat top Mandocello?
  208. Anyone tried a Virzi Tone Producer on an oval-holed mandocello?
  209. O.M. neck length - short or long , pros and cons ?
  210. Finally playing again
  211. 10" body on octave mandola?
  212. Hora Octave Mandolas
  213. tone woods for Octave Mandolin
  214. Match guirar chords to Octave Mandolin
  215. Strings for Hathway Octave Mandolin
  216. String gauge for an OM to Mandocello test?
  217. 1985 Kentucky Octave Mandolin Video
  218. Two interesting instruments at Bernunzio's
  219. Balalaika? What type
  220. F style Ukulele ?
  221. Adam Rhodes - New Bouzouki?
  222. Ciaran Curran -- new bouzouki?
  223. Learning to play the cura saz
  224. Eastman MD 305
  226. Gig bag for mandola?
  227. Après un rêve (Fauré), mandocello and piano
  228. Bouzouki with extremely high action
  229. Beatles music book for mandola
  230. String Packs for Trinity College TM-375 Irish Bouzouki
  231. Goldtone BZ-500 setup
  232. New Session King guitar-octave mandolin on the bench
  233. Dekavalas 4 course Greek bouzouki
  234. Hora Octave ?
  235. Gibson one piece and three piece mandocello necks
  236. Three course bouzouki resources
  237. Alternate tunings?
  238. Mandola string (action) height?
  239. Yair Stern Octave Mandolins
  240. T-I strings for K4 type Mandocello
  241. New GBOM taking shape
  242. New Girouard octave at The Music Emporium
  243. Olga time again
  244. Kentucky Octave Mandolin
  245. How Do I Maximize An Octave Mandolin?
  246. Waldzither string guages
  247. The Rocky Road to Dublin
  248. Mandocello Envy
  249. Crittern Adventures
  250. Ondrej Sarek Bouzouki Songbooks?