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  1. Mandolin composition: Mazurka pro jednorozce
  2. Lake Dore Waltz (Mac Beattie)
  3. Happy Advent
  4. Free sheet music for winter tunes for 2015
  5. Sans Day Carol (for Dadgad guitar)
  6. Lunasa with Special Guest, Tim O'Brien
  7. In the Bleak Midwinter
  8. Christmas Gift Recommendations?
  9. The Angel Gabriel
  10. Breton Suite- new arrangement for mandolin ensemble
  11. Pure Laine
  12. Oh Little Town of Bethlehem (Dadgad guitar)
  13. New composition- CGCGCD guitar and 2 capos !!
  14. Silent Night guitar duet
  15. R.I.P. Andy M. Stewart
  16. Andrini Brothers on the Red Skelton Show
  17. Mandolin and Tenor Uke arr of Pastheen Fionn (Irish Air)
  18. Glen Hansard tune
  19. Tremolo for Irish Trad?
  20. Luke Plumb new recording project
  21. Great new band - Ímar
  22. Dance Tunes from Caslav Region
  23. straw poll: what's your favourite pick for trad/celtic playing?
  24. Lord Kitchener's Pipes
  25. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  26. A Brace of Sobell mandolins!
  27. Pair of new mandolins on me bench
  28. Any tenor banjo players out there?
  29. music in northern Spain
  30. found: "1691 - Irish Folk Songs"
  31. New Songs for March Gigs?
  32. Lúnasa and Tim O'Brien USA Tour
  33. Don Messer's 'Growling Old Man'
  34. Si Bheag Si Mhor
  35. What's your favorite Celtic tab book?
  36. Looking for O'Carolin Book Recomendation
  37. a question for the Andy Irvine aficionados
  38. Green Grow the Lilacs, key of C sheet music?
  39. Two Scandinavian waltzes
  40. Ullapool Adult Feis, Scotland 30 April-2 May 2016
  41. A tune from Les Miserables
  42. Kalinka (Russian folk tune).Looking for tabs or arranged notation
  43. Ramblings about triplets and trebles...
  44. Looking for an album like David Surrettes "the Greeen Mandolin".
  45. Headed to Ireland - Bring the mando?
  46. Mrs Lily Christie DSRamsay score ?
  47. irish trad mandolin spotting....
  48. Finnish Folk Music
  49. Hup channel on Youtube...
  50. Peter Kennedy archive now online
  51. New Member from Ayr
  52. Interview with Rory Dowling of Taran on new "Springwell" mandolin
  53. Detektivka for Violin and Irish Bouzouki
  54. Eastern European sheet music DROP BOX
  55. Swannanoa Celtic Week
  56. The Great Scottish Composers
  57. The South Wind
  58. A couple of Cornish tunes
  59. Sessions in Skye
  60. Dagger Gordon gig in Lewes, East Sussex, UK
  61. Some fine old Shetland reels on mandolin
  62. Does your Mazurka Swing?
  63. Shetland fiddle tune books
  64. Don Messer Documentary
  65. "The Corner House set" - Aidan Coffey, Alec Finn & Frankie Gavin
  66. Farewell Farewell
  67. A Beginner's dingaling moves with a tenor banjo
  68. Building sets
  69. Lebanese & Middle Eastern Music
  70. Art and Irish music
  71. Fado for mandolin - from the Portuguese national library
  72. O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat Mandolin Class
  73. London College of Music Traditional Music Exams
  74. New Road - Seamie O'Dowd,Rick Epping,Leonard Barry,Andy Morrow
  75. Angus R Grant of Shooglenifty, RIP
  76. What song is that?
  77. Free tunes for winter 2016: Winter's Tale 3
  78. cretan mandolin
  79. Struggling with the best chords for the A Part
  80. Pete Strickler Irish tenor guitar album
  81. Andy Irvine pics found on the web
  82. Mae Mwh'n D'wedyd
  83. New Planxty compilation CD/DVD
  84. Three Czech carols for GDAD Bouzouki
  85. Three Dollar Shoe
  86. Great archive of some lesser heard tunes!
  87. A couple of my own tunes
  88. Paul Shippey 10 string mandolin
  89. one for the Donal Lunny fans
  90. New Ímar "Afterlight" Promo Celtic supergroup!
  91. Mandolin tablatures for Zorba the Greek
  92. Ewan MacPherson
  93. What album comes to mind when you read "Irish Bouzouki"?
  94. New video from Imar
  95. Celtic Traditional Tab/Chord requests
  96. new Celtic F mandolin
  97. Help ID fiddle tune?
  98. Scarborough Fair for plucked string ensemble
  99. The Enchanter's Reel (Original composition - demo)
  100. Sacred Grove (Original Composition)
  101. Tunes Written for Solo Mandolin?
  102. snaarmaarwaar in the workshop, NK Forster - Celtic F and guzouki
  103. Usher's Island debut album released
  104. Is it a good choice pick a Neapolitan mandolin for Irish Music?
  105. Arched vs. flat top for Irish music?
  106. What Techniques Do You Use In A session?
  107. Forthcoming Irish Traditional Music album
  108. The Cucoo's Nest for plucked string ensemble
  109. "L'Aubado", Provençal dance tune
  110. Go And 'List For A Sailor (trad. English morris tune)
  111. Darren McMullen
  112. Celtic Fling in Manheim, PA June 23rd and 24th
  113. Irish Session near Durham NC?
  114. O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat, October in Northern Texas
  115. Ninebarrow
  116. UK Deroy Label
  117. Orkney Folk Festival
  118. A pair of videos - Celtic F mandolin
  119. What's your latest Caledonian tune?
  120. Nigel Gatherer - Scottish Traditional Music Hall Of Fame
  121. Young Munro
  122. Visiting Cornwall, Ireland, snd Scotland in Oct-Nov 2017
  123. Farewell To Whiskey origin questions
  124. Soldier with mandolin in first world war
  125. MandolinMan -Belgian mandolin group worth hearing
  126. Mandolin/Bouzouki/Guitar release: Shaped Note Tunes
  127. Octave mandolin as tenor guitar?
  128. Possible Newbie
  129. Irish Pub/Rebel Songs
  130. Favorite Celtic folk songs
  131. Carolan concerto
  132. New Mandolin Learner
  133. Catskill Irish Arts Week Mandolin Class with Mary Coogan
  134. Ciaran Curran & Fintan McManus
  135. Need help identifying tune
  136. What's your latest Cornish tune?
  137. Whiskey in the Jar origin
  138. What's your latest Welsh tune?
  139. Kevin Macleod, George Duff & Leo McCann - Edinburgh Fringe gigs
  140. Sleeping Tune
  141. Oktoberfest/Bavarian folk music
  142. Milwaukee Irish Fest
  143. Swedish folk chords/tabs?
  144. Article About Nordic Recordings
  145. Saint Patrick's An Dro - Breton Tune played on an OM
  146. Best wood type for a mandolin for trad music that's a warm sound
  147. 17th-Century Scottish Tunes arranged for Mandolin - Rob MacKillop
  148. Martin Dardis' mostly Irish tabs online
  149. Looking or the music to Serenade
  150. Evelyn's Big Mandolin Book (both 2015 and 2017 volume) - Great!
  151. Need some great 17th century songs with morals
  152. Mandolin Ornaments
  153. Finnish music ideas
  154. cross cultural influence: article
  155. Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn, Aidan Coffey & Colm Murphy
  156. Hardanger Fiddle Tunes
  157. Mary Coogan Mandolin Class
  158. Welsh folk tunes
  159. Russian Folk Songs
  160. Imar up for an award
  161. Two new mandolin ensembles- Corton Ridge and Yerakina
  162. Marla Fibish Irish Mandolin Winter Intensive Workshop - Feb '18!
  163. Jarmo Rompannen ..."Long Gone" or "Far Away" ?
  164. Kevin Macleod, George Duff & Leo McCann - Edinburgh tunes
  165. Asturian, Gallician ABC site/collection?
  166. O Come O Come Emmanuel
  167. What Irish tunes should I learn?
  168. Nick Hennessy - Pebble & Bone
  169. Irish guitarist Frankie Simon (no mandolin involved)
  170. Marla Fibish's Irish Mandolin Course
  171. Recommend Some Trad. Scottish/Irish/Welsh/English Tune CDs.
  172. Hogmanay in Edinburgh, welcoming in 2018
  173. Please recommend some Slow Airs
  174. Documentary - Wayfaring Stranger: links between Scotland and USA
  175. Music for Chetvorno Horo? Andy Irvine
  176. Czech Minuet for Mandola, Bouzouki, Tenor Guitar and Mandolin
  177. Chords for "Up Downey"?
  178. Jamie Laval’s TED Talk - Scottish Fiddle (NMC)
  179. Willow Waltz -my attempt at a harmony.
  180. OK, the next time someone asks ...
  181. Oll An Gerriow E’n Beaz Cornish tune
  182. String And Pick Gauges For Irish/Scottish Trad
  183. Ribari - Fishermen
  184. New CD: "Precious Heroes" by Andy Irvine and Luke Plumb
  185. Celtic/Irish Mandolins
  186. Akusti´s Polska
  187. Looking for the music to Suo Gan
  188. Ian Green of Greentrax
  189. Light String Recommendations
  190. New Celtic music podcast: "Music at the Crossroads"
  191. Daoiri Farrell - Creggan White Hare
  192. Musical Journeys
  193. How to deal with 'The Beast from the East'
  194. Roosebeck balalaika opinions?
  195. Liam O'Flynn (Planxty) RIP
  196. Wooden Irish Flute
  197. Mandolin at Willie Clancy Week & Feakle Festival
  198. Please recommend some French folk/acoustic music.
  199. Timing for Fleadh compition?
  200. St Louis Tionol
  201. Reliable source of tunes as played at sessions in the UK
  202. Ribbons of the Redheaded Girl
  203. 3 Best Recordings of Irish Accompaniment
  204. Chattanooga Irish Sessions?
  205. Paul Brady & Andy Irvine, w/ Lunny & Burke, Cork Opera House
  206. Siveen Mandolins
  207. A weird typo or weird tuning? Low F# in The Frieze Breeches
  208. "Dave Swarbrick Fiddle Tunes" Book
  209. Star of County Down
  210. Not mandolin,but Irish travel related
  211. Octave Mando. scale lenght.
  212. George Duff cd "The Collier Laddie" with Kevin Macleod etc
  213. Klapa Kumpanji - Probudi Me Jutrom
  214. Free Greek Music Book
  215. Dick Gossip's Reel
  216. Marga's Moment
  217. Tommy Peoples RIP
  218. NK Forster Celtic O mandolin
  219. Set lists for sessions?
  220. Jig Tempo?
  221. Vashti Bunyan
  222. Reel picking
  223. What is this hornpipe?
  224. John Doyle - Irish Rhythm Guitar: Accompanying Celtic Tunes
  225. The High Kings @The City Winery, NY 9/14/18
  226. My "sketchy" version of St. Anne's Reel
  227. Cameronian Reel
  228. Volume of oval vs f-hole for Irish session music
  229. Good source for beginning Celtic and Quebecois music
  230. La Bolduc
  231. Sé Mo Laoch - TV series on Irish legends
  232. French Folk / Fiddle Tunes
  233. Any Penny Whistle Players here
  234. Funny typo in Ryan's Mammoth
  235. April Verch music
  236. Alec Finn RIP
  237. Emanuela Ballio, CAPRICCIO per Mandolino Solo byAnnalisa Desiata
  238. Songs from old Prague for GDAD Bouzouki or Tenor Guitar
  239. Winter's Tale 5 - free sheet music for mandolin trios
  240. Ornamentations in a Jig
  241. Irish Music Documentary on Amazon Prime - “Living The Tradition”
  242. Värttinä (Finland)
  243. Grey Owl - Jean Baptiste Arcand - Mandolin Tab Anyone?
  244. Janice Burns & Jon Doran play haugebonden
  245. Don't go Gregory
  246. String Sisters
  247. 7 Oud Players to Listen To
  248. Funny names for Celtic bands
  249. Hammer-Ons
  250. Finnish mandolinist HEIKKI LAHTI, RIP