My Mandolins

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Ahh, the wonders of MAS...mandos come, and mandos go, but the syndrome lasts forever. The F-4 was traded for the OM; the OM was part of a three way deal that landed me Jethro, the F-5. Bessie (the 4 stringer) joined the herd, and then Jethro and Bessie went to find new homes.

All of the trading, selling, and buying were done through the Cafe Classifieds or otherwise privately with Cafe members. All were hassle free with everyone happy at the end of the deal. I can't imagine ever using another method for internet based sales!
  1. Jerman #11 in her glory. Fully outfitted in gold, and before Andrew installed a switch for her next steward. This is a special electric mandolin that...
  2. Jethro headstock
  3. Bessie headstock
  4. Jethro with gorgeous McClung armrest
  5. Stealie back closeup final
  6. Stealie front closeup final
  7. Stealie fretboard shot final
  8. Stealie front full final
  9. KM 300e--Bessie post upgrade
  10. Ky 300e right oblique
  11. KY 300e 1
  12. Jerman 11.
  13. Wasburn "Jethro Burns" front view with the "signed" tailpiece.  According to the s/n, it's an '03, and could be either one of the last Korean or...
  14. Wasburn front view showing off the OHSC.  The storage compartment is the most generous and accessible I've had in a hsc.
  15. Washburn back with some really nice flame.  Also note the multi-layered binding on the back. Having had a more basic Washburn in my "the one that got...
  16. Washburn F-5 neck, with nice flamey burst.
  17. Brent Denney OM back closeup; can you guess what caught my eye?
  18. Brent Denney OM full front
  19. Brent Denney OM front closeup
  20. Customized TKL tenor banjo case for Brent Denney OM
  21. Rigel A Natural #1774 in case.  My first "real" axe with some major upgrades:  ebony bridge from FQMS before it went out the door; Rigel Schaller...
  22. Rigel A Natural # 1774 on stand.  The "chocolate burst" is not something that you'll see on a lot of mandolins; I feel it ups the "cool" factor of...
  23. MK F 4 in Travelite case.
  24. MK F 4 on stand.  Steve Sauve in North Adams, MA addressed the fit and finish issues that MK didn't.  I hope it is being played and loved in its new...
  25. Vega Regent Bowlback of unknown date, but possibly pre-teen.  The ribs are Brazilian Rosewood.  Some minor repairs were done by The Fretted...
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