Quint A5 Black top

By Individual luthier whose name is Qin Jidou in China. (BUT Not surely. Just got an information from retail store.)
(Guessing that he is former craftsman of Northfield instruments.)

Italian spruce top
Swiss Maple side, back and neck
Nitrocellulose lacquer finish
  1. Overall. 
Strap is the Cinghialetto strap which inspired by Tim O'brien. 
Truss rod cover : Made of Ziricote wood by myself.
  2. Northfield "Nugget”design tailpiece
  3. Northfield "Nugget”design tailpiece
  4. Ivory Truss rod cover
  5. IMG 1008
  6. IMG 0792
  7. IMG 0791
  8. IMG 0790
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