Gallery of Galactic Crossroads/Mandocrucian's Digest covers

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Here are all 27 covers of the mando rag published & editted by Niles Hokkanen from 1986-1987. Descriptions are of the cover itself, not the issue contents. Clicking on the individual covers will enlarge the pics so you can see the contents listings (when present). For full contents listings, click on the NH catalog link.
  1. scan0043
  2. MD Issue #1: Peter Rowan  (no Dave McLaughlin photo)
  3. MD Issue #5: Louisiana silhouette
  4. MD Issue #4: Dave Pegg
  5. MD Issue #3: Jimmy Gaudreau
  6. MD Issue #2: Akira Otsuka
  7. MD Issue #9: Howard Armstrong
  8. MD Issue #8: Shetland fiddler Aly Bain
  9. MD Issue #7: Pen & Ink Mandolin Girl
  10. MD Issue #6: Norman & Namcy Blake
  11. MD Issue #13; E-mando conversion hung on a cemetary statue (an obvious spoof of The David Grisman Rounder Album cover). There are a couple of...
  12. MD Issue #12: Dan Hicks
  13. MD Issue #11: Alien mando spacecraft. (New mando-nova front masthead)
  14. MD Issue #10: Doyle Lawson.  (name officially changed to The Mandocrucian's Digest)
  15. MD Issue #14: Finnish mando players. (Back row L-R: Heikki Lahti, Antti Hosioja, Antti Kettunen, Niles H; front row L-r: Reino Kivimaki, Risto...
  16. MD Issue #16: Peter Oshstoushko (part 2)
  17. MD Issue #15: Peter Oshtroushko
  18. MD Issue #19: Tough guy private dick, Mando Mike Hameron
  19. MD Issue #18: pretty lackluster cover - a few half-slices of mandos, plus the mando-gal from #7 and a Moloney pic.  Didn't have a shot of Bobby Clark.
  20. MD Issue #17: The Mandocrucian's Digest "Winged F-4" t-shirt design utilizing some cut'n'paste art nouveau from Mucha.
  21. MD Issue #23: "Publishing Hell" cartoon, modeled after Matt Groenig's "Life In Hell", depicting the dilemma of what to put on the cover of the...
  22. MD Issue #22: Female dancer, detail from an ancient Greek vase
  23. MD Issue #21: Detail from a Bruegel painting. Skeleton on viol joins lute playing woman and vocalist.  (I guess the fat lady is singing!)
  24. MD Issue #20" Harlequin girl with bowlback mando turn-of-the-century (1900) pen & ink illustration. Small pic of Jimmy Ryan in bottom right...
  25. MD Issue #27: Andy Irvine
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