Bluegrass People

Here's some photos of famous and not-so-famous people from the world of bluegrass music.
  1. Here's Alan Bibey playing Gail Hester's F-5 (#3) and the 2009 mando tasting event at the Bluegrass From the Forest festival.
  2. The Dawg!
  3. Mr. Marty Stuart!
  4. Here's me at KBCS radio station hosting "Bluegrass Ramble".
  5. Here's me with a pretty good "guitar-man" backstage at Wintergrass.
  6. This is a picture of Bill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys (Dana Cupp, Tater Tate & Tom Ewing) at their Wintergrass performance on the Chruch stage in...
  7. The Bill Monroe poster that hangs in my office.
  8. My friend Tim Eccles playing his Muth mandolin at the Chilliwack bluegrass festival with 5 On A String.
  9. Chad Fadely's Gilchrist oval-hole mandolin.  That man has two, count 'em two, Gils!
  10. Here's me playing Lance Brittain's 1918 Gibson mandola.  This is the picture that got messed up at the very beginning of the "Post A Picture Of...
  11. John Reischman playing my Collings MF-5 mandolin at the Wintergrass Mandolin Tasting event.
  12. Here's me recording with Stay Tuned at Audio Logic in Lake City Washington.
  13. Two dapper young gents as there ever was.
  14. Ben Winship with the Growling Old Men playing a Fletcher Brock GOM at the Wenatchee River Bluegrass Festival (Mason Tuttle on bass).
  15. Ricky Skaggs as "Ricky The Black-Nosed Mandodeer" featuring Ronnie McCoury as Santa's Bluegrass Elf and David Grisman as Santa Dawg!
  16. Sam Bush - bluegrass plugged-in perhaps?  I want a Mandobird!
  17. My favorite "Best Mandolin Hair" picture featuring MandoVirtouso Chris Thile on the Bill Monroe model Dudenbostel mandolin.
  18. One of my favorite festival photos of Frank Wakefield and David Grisman jamming.
  19. Here's the King of Bluegrass making a funny face!
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