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Nov-23-2020, 11:36am
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  1. HonketyHank

    My six current favorite picks plus two more, thickness in mm as measured with my cheapo digital Harbor Freight calipers:

    1. Wegen TF-120, 1.21
    2. Wegen TF-140(?), 1.35
    3. Blue Chip TAD 50, 1.20
    4. Dunlop Primetone, 1.41
    5. Red Bear Classic M, 1.29
    6. Red Line Acoustics (Red Bear?), 1.13
    7. & 8. Freebies, 0.66 and 0.76

    I use the last two fairly often when I play my old Vega Bowlback, they give it a more tinkly sound, sort of like the sound of Louisa NM's video. I have some thinner Dunlop Tortexes but they are too thin for me. One problem I have with really thin picks: tremolo seems a lot more difficult to control.

    My current favorite might be the Red Bear. The best one per dollar of cost is the Primetone. I am currently trending away from the large triangle shape toward the teardrop shape, but that may be a temporary thing.

    The Red Bear is galilith (casein). Wegen, Blue Chip, Primetone are secret material. The Red Line pick, I believe, is a rebranded Red Bear galilith pick. 7 and 8 are, well, uh, plastic.
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