Playing with mandolinists

  1. Caaffe Trieste's Saturday morning gang 
"Mattinata di Matteo" 2009
  2. Sheri playing flute with the Berkeley Mandolin Ensemble. 1987-1989. 
Note: Radim Zenkl, second from right, bottom row.
  3. Sheri playing accordion with the Aurora 
Mandolin Orchestra, 2006.
  4. rudy cipolla tribute  Feb. 7, 2000 
Matt Eakles and I playing flute. I think you'll know everyone else.  
Daryl, Radim, Mike, the Dawg, Bob B (front...
  5. the Caffe Trieste ensemble c. 2013 
John B., David, Theresa...Ned and Andrew
  6. Mando Liscio. cover for the CD with 
Janice F., myself, Kathy S. 
Matt V, Iona A, Tom R. 
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