Family Players Album

Yeah, we played together a whole hell of a lot, and we all performed here and there, and those living still do. It's a shame all my pictures of family musicians are "lone wolf" type pictures - and there aren't many of them! None of my dad playing at all. Music was always a pretty big part of our lives when I was growing up though.
  1. My son Joshua on guitar, and my gigging buddy Eddie Tatum, a lefty, is playing my mandolin upside down.
  2. My son took this photo of me playing at a hamburger joint on the night of my 65th birthday.
  3. My picking buddy stole this picture of me getting down on my Collings in my little music room, Easter 2017
  4. Jade, I love to hear her sing. She can carry a tune, and has a beautiful natural vibrato that she slips into appropriately
  5. Devon and Jade, two of my grandkids, Easter 2017
  6. Getting ready for some coffee shop blues
  7. Folks, this is why we call this budding musician The Devonator. Devon Gunter, ukelele
  8. Uncle Hugh Paige Underwood continued to corrupt the youth until the day he died.
  9. My son John at my piano, trying to learn some pop song or other.
  10. Devon (aka, "Devster"; aka "The Devonator"; aka 'a grandson') is digging the uke I got him for his birthday.
  11. Adriana (great granddaughter) tries my Eastman on for size.
  12. Gabriela (great granddaughter) tries my Eastman on for size.
  13. Gabriela and Adriana were attracted to my mandolin - so I let them play it a bit. My son is holding the Eastman and watching like a hawk.
  14. Uncles & friends. Uncle Hugh with his banjer and uncle Hewitt in red shirt with his acoustic geetar
  15. This is from just a couple years ago, just before I trimmed my beard and let my hair grow out. In fact, this was just about the time I started trying...
  16. Here's my uncle Fulton with his old Gibson, with another of his nephews and his sister Martha. This was taken in the kitchen after one of our family...
  17. Uncle Hugh had a banjo in his hand at least 50% of the time.
  18. My brother Jim also learned on my dad's guitar, seen in this photo. Jim was a really good musician and an itinerant street/party/barbecue picker...
  19. My cousin David learned to play on one of my guitars back in the 70's. These days, he owns a stable of acoustics and electrics, has built a few...
  20. My father-in-law Don Watson took quite a few guitar lessons from me but never really got the timing down right.
  21. Here I'm playing the first guitar I ever purchased for myself. This picture is from 1972 or so.
  22. About 1969, I'd been playing a year or two. This is my dad's Epiphone.
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