old mandolin with chimera

I stumbled over this lovely instrument in January 2009 in Markneukirchen, Vogtland aka Musikwinkel because this region is well-known for a long tradition of instrument making. Mention that Christian Frederick Martin, Sr. was born in Markneukirchen, Germany in 1786.
Unfortunately there is no label insight the mandolin and I never had any contact to the former owner himself. It is certainly build in this area and a few decades old. The chimera on the head stands sentinel over good tone and sustain. Sometimes I hear a growl close to my left ear …
In February 2015 I met Markus Dietrich, one of the luthiers who build mandolins in the Saxon Vogtland until now.
He stated that it seems save to say this instrument was built in this area. Probably between 1935 and 1950 by Kurt Roth who used to be known to apply such curved lion heads to his instruments.
Since 2016 I own a Thüringer Waldzither by Kurt Roth (labeled) with a similar head.
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