Southeast CoMando Gatherings

Pictures of our yearly get together in Ashe County, North Carolina. Okay, and some pictures from Surry County, North Carolina or as we call it sorry county. . .
  1. red on Red
  2. Monty Gale
  3. sustainable housing in the bird community, in and around Helton Creek, North Carolina. Poplar bird house: popular birdhouse. . .
  4. Sam O'Brien, fisherman
  5. Doctor Guru McCam. . .
  6. Doctor Dave Cohen and Ethan's cigarette.
  7. Woody!!!!
  8. Hannah O'Brien and Gary the banjo player Chilton
  9. Mt. Pilot, Mt. Arrarat, Mount Titi-indian. 
No,  Pilot Mountain.
  10. DSC 6155: John Bird: aka: Jean Birde, or as we call him Maestro, hi Master; he who must be adored. . . ahh, Professor, yoda. . .yada. . yada. . ....
  11. sheethead and the other dog.
  12. DSC 6146: numerology puts this as an eight, look what I am getting ready to have done, ate. . .
  13. DSC01187
  14. ethanmug
  15. willie works wonders with his wonderful feet, his big toes and his runny nose. willie works wonders by showing up, with little cars and his...
  16. some kind of lineup
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