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my Horner other misc pix, Peg case, Mixt Company
  1. Geoff Morris with Dale Ann Bradley in our van
  2. Scottie Dawg and Milo, Geoff's guide dog
  3. dave and geoff
  4. Monk and Tish
  5. the fambly at Myrtle Beach
  6. my doggie Scottie
  7. my favorite poem
  8. Me and Monkey at The Bluegrass Inn, Lower Broadway, Nashville
  9. me and grand-daughter Syrina
  10. Dick Gerlach/Mike Oliver-introduced me to bluegrass back in '62..
  11. Mixt Company w/Lisa H. on bass
  12. me and Lisa
  13. DCB and Monkey with Mandolin Cafe member Barry Lane and his wife Ann, from Great Britain, visiting in Nashville
  14. our good friend Geoff Morris (blind DJ from Australia) and his guide dog Milo, with Monkey, in Sneedville, Tennessee (hometown of Jimmy Martin and...
  15. MC @ Beehive Hollow, near Hazard, Ky
  16. wife's baby sis Rhonda, with DCB
  17. my wonderful wife with her most prized possession
  18. Step-daughter Letitia Jolene
  19. DCB w Buck White and Wayne Courtney
  20. DCB w Lonnie Jones & The Newgrass Express   KOA Nashville, Tn 1978... Banjo picker is Dave Macon, Uncle Dave's great-grandson
  21. our good friend Lisa with her nyckelharpa
  22. Mixt Company at the Full Moon Pickin' Party Nashville
  23. Eddie & The Mueller Brothers w. DC Blood  1975  the band I came to Nashville with...Eddie, the young boy on the banjo, later went on to play for The...
  24. Cumberland Mt Boys 1968   my first band
  25. pretty sure this was a Givens made mando, Me about ten years ago
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