Mando Shots

Here are some mando shots that I've collected over the years, enjoy!
  1. Years ago I was in a band called "Fidelity Grange" and we decided to use my 1995 Flatiron F5-SB for the cover of our demo project.
  2. Hanging 'em out to dry!
  3. From the "mando gathering" at Jason Parker's house in 2004.  Don't ask - I can't remember!
  4. This is a Collings MF-5 "Black Face" mandolin owned by Ken Cartwright.
  5. This is the Coleson Flying V mandolin.
  6. This picture appeared here on the Cafe years ago and was dubbed "The Bat Mando".
  7. The carnage!
  8. Collings Watercolor
  9. An oval-hole Florentine mandola by Rob Schnieder of Portland, Oregon.
  10. Michael Heiden Heritage Model
  11. The "vault"
  12. John Reischman's Loar (photo taken by Dan Beimborn at Wintergrass).
  13. Jason Parker's blonde Heiden F-5 mandolin.
  14. Here are the backsides...
  15. Back when I owned 4 mandolins and MAS was out of control.  Left to right...Collings MF-5 (#39), Flatiron F5-SB (1995), A.L. Smart F-5 (1998) and...
  16. David Lindley's Songbird.
  17. My old A.L. Smart mandolin.
  18. #24 by Colorado builder Jim Hillburn - these will make you drool!
  19. My Fletcher Brock A-Style oval-hole mandolin.  A real sweetie!
  20. THE Collings indeed!
  21. Here's a really cool OM built by Andrew Mowry.
  22. Lewis Octave Mando - This has to be the coolest lookin OM I have ever seen!
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