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my participation as player-manager in a celtic folk band (Nimloth-Celtamericana), galician band, church service et al.
  1. playing a fado galego with Nova Galicia
  2. Ensamble transatlántico del folk chileno
  3. piping at Conguillio national park
  4. playing gaita for tv galega
  5. playing my cornemuse Brueghel en Low D  at barbacue rehearsal
  6. Playing guitarra de coimbra with Ensamble  Transatlántico de folk Chileno
  7. Flash mob playing guitarra de coimbra with Ensamble  Transatlántico de folk Chileno
  8. Nova Galicia band
  9. at church/ na igreja
  10. Nova Galicia from top
  11. laud rehearsing
  12. rehearsing galego music
  13. Nova Galicia at fimiv
  14. gaita with generik vapeur troupevalpo
  15. piping solo too
  16. my cds & some of my axes used to record them
  17. our latest festival we yearly organise since 2003
  18. Nimloth at congress honours hall 2004e
  19. Nimloth at carnaval cultural de Valparaiso 2005
  20. Nimloth at main stage carnaval cultural Valparaiso 2005a
  21. at congress honour Hall Nimloth 2004
  22. at congress honor Hall Nimloth2004c
  23. playing tiple laud during tuesday's sessions at Pajarito bar, Valparaiso. 08/2009
  24. From mandos to flute at firemen memorial mass 2008. More at:
  25. playing as galician bagpipe-flute- mandolin player at firemen memorial mass at Valparaiso cathedral Nov 13 2008. More at:...
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