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I collect smaller plectrum instruments, harmonicas, woodwinds and bagpipes... I try to play them together at some places... my favourites these days hispanics citterns and mandolin family instruments....
  1. my mandolinas: Flatiron, Samick, Arequipa, Miguel Angel, Kentucky, Rover, Gianinni
  2. my 4 tenors.... Martin OT-18,  Ibanez parlor  AVT1N, Vega Little Wonder TB, and  Roy Smeck Harmony TB
  3. My  me
  4. a standard Giannini Viola caipira
  5. a APC Coimbra guitar
  6. playing a viola de Braga
  7. playing my OT18 Martin tenor guitar (1930)
  8. my P. cox archtop cittern
  9. Gibson K2 mandocello from 1913
  10. my violas
  11. rebab, chilean rabel & viola d'amore
  12. In the main row.... my archtop cittern collection..... Gibson k2 mandocello, portuguese coimbra guitarra and Cox cittern. On each side, their...
  13. Peter Cox archtop cittern.... still deciding about a good tuning for this new addition for my collection of almost 22 inches scale length
  14. Octavinas & charangos. Octavina family axes were played by estudiantinas around 1900 whereas the charangos got in Chile from the 60's onwards through...
  15. fiddles, mando & bandurria
  16. seba's stroh fiddle at Ensamble folk chileno rehearsal
  17. My working gaitas around 2010.....Bagpipes/Gaitas from top to bottom/de arriba a abajo: Gaita Seivane con ronqueta y chillón en Do, Gaita Represas en...
  18. CBOM: my Bouzoukis. On the right my electric/acoustic row: Fender zouk, Flatiron 3k OM, Celtic star zouk. On the left my acoustic axes: Musikalia OM...
  19. my beater mando frontline... from right to left: Breyer mandola, Rover rm35s mandolin, Flatiron 2mw mandolin, Samick sm40s mandolin, Kentucky km200s...
  20. latest additions for restoration: at the center left 3 course slavic tamboura/dulcimer, and on the center right with a missing bridge and tailpiece a...
  21. my spanish crew.... laudes and mandolin
  22. rosewood back Miguel Angel spanish mandolin
  23. CBOM: my mandola crew.... the grannies here on both ends... A Gibson K2 mandocello and a Breyer mandola
  24. Updating my larger mandola family crew.... the grannies here: a Breyer mandola (1910) on the far left and a Gibson mandocello (1914) at the front far...
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