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  1. Window Panes1 gold poster4
  2. Outdoor Tabletop Music Stand. Made from scrap pressure-treated.
  3. Outdoor Music Stand, made from scrap pressure treated, scrap 1/2" trex fence boards, and leg post from a an old bed frame. Because of the (longer)...
  4. "On Fire & Ready!" CD cover. The Bruegel hellscape background really comes through on this shot. Multiple/blur exposure; took a lot of different...
  5. An unused shot from the "On Fire & Ready!" recording photo shoot. Double exposure with a projected backdrop of a Bruegel (the Elder) hellscape from...
  6. The cover for Niles' "Hot Licks For Hot Licks" book with great custom artwork by the one-of-a-kind Michael "Doc Snock" Hurley!...... HAVE...
  7. 1957 Fender 4-string
  8. Mini Guitar to 5-string e-mandola (GDAEB, octave lower) conversion. Named the 'wolf guitar' due to the custom paint job. Scale has been shortened (by...
  9. Niles, 1990 w/ the "wolf guitar" conversion. (Note the radioactive hair!)
  10. 1982 "Duck Music" recording sesssion, Crystal River, FL: (l-r) Ronnie Rice, Niles H, Erik Hokkanen, Larry Rice, Wyatt Rice
  11. Martin Carthy, NH
  12. Visiting the BEST rock band in Finland - EPPU NORMAALI, at a band rehearsal. (1996; NH 3rd from left)
  13. NH & Peter Eri (of the Hungarian band Muszikas) after a session for Niles' "On Fire & REady!" album. (1992).(BTW I'm wearing a Cephas & Wiggins...
  14. NH, blues guitarist John Cephas, Rus Reppert
  15. Onstage at Augusta Festival, Elkins WV, '87: (l-r) Wayne Henderson, NH, D.L. Menard, Lenny Perry, Debbie H, Jenny Edenborn
  16. Jouhikko (Finnish bowed lyre)
  17. Meet the Vikings (Finland '96): Roger Tallroth, NH, Mikael Marin
  18. NH: slide cittern, using Niles' double "bullet-slide" approach. This particular instrument was the last shorter-scale neck Trillium cittern to be...
  19. Nordika (Nordic music duo): NH, Debbie H
  20. Mick Moloney, NH
  21. The Piltdown Swamp Boys, 1982, Maitland, FL: (L-R) N.H., E.H.,  R.T.
  22. Mandos in Finland 96: (l-r) Eero Lähti, Heikk Lähti, NH, Antti Kettunen
  23. Dave Pegg, NH
  24. the 'new' N.H. - Oct 2009.
  25. CAJUN BREW (Crowley, LA, 1986): (l-r) Jonno Frishberg (fiddle), Pat Breaux (accordions), Steve LaCroix (bass), Mike Doucet (playing guitar in this...
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