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  1. MC at Asher reunion Red Bird, Ky  10/5/09
  2. MC at Asher reunion Red Bird, Ky  10/5/09
  3. MC at Asher reunion Red Bird, Ky  10/5/09
  4. Heritage Fest Piqua Ohio.. DCB and Dave Knight, wearing the Tartan...
  5. Me in the kilt
  6. monk & Dave at Aunt's place Philadelphia, Pa
  7. Geoff with Jesse McReynolds at his home, Gallatin, Tn
  8. the one that got away (Duffey F 7)
  9. moon shot
  10. Grand-daughter Syrina w/friends
  11. geoff and dave eating home-made apple butter, Roanoke, Va
  12. seestors...Jackie, Monkey, and Rhonda
  13. Jackie, Monk, Rhonda, and honorary seestor Mo
  14. Honorary seestor Mo (Melissa), a wonderful singer
  15. my first marathon-Dec '83, Huntsville, Al
  16. me and my wonderful wife
  17. I took the inset photo on the Uncle Pen fiddle album
  18. Cherokee, the great while wolf, with Syrina...beehive
  19. Me and Scottie Dawg
  20. Monkey with Seestor Mousie and Uncle Kermit, Beehive Hollow, Ky
  21. Me with Seestor Mousie
  22. Getting to the top of Pikes Peak
  23. Myrtle Beach from the Second Ave Pier
  24. Geoff Morris interviewing Valerie Smith, IBMA 2007
  25. Geoff Morris interviewing James Monroe, IBMA 2007
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