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The Man with the Mandolin Foundation

Dave Peters

The Man with the Mandolin Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping Dave Peters' legacy alive. Dave Peters was a three-time winner of the Walnut Valley Mandolin Championship, who passed away unexpectedly in December, 1999. Future foundation projects included additional CD's, videos and transcription books. The earlier published Masters of the Mandolin, a book of transcriptions of 150 mandolin solos is again available and may be ordered directly from the foundation.

New Introduction to Masters of the Mandolin
by David McCarty, Contributing Editor, Mandolin Magazine

David Peters was a man consumed by the mandolin and its many musical styles, as his unprecedented three wins at the de facto national mandolin championship in Winfield, Kansas clearly attest. David loved everything about the instrument, and devoted his all-too-brief life to perfecting his own mandolin skills and documenting the great works of other legendary mandolinists. He had a passion for transcribing. It was almost as if he was unable to hear a great mandolin solo without having to sit down and transcribe it. As his friend Charlie Provenza, another great mandolinist who performed frequently with Peters once said, David was the most passionate transcriber he ever knew. "If I had 20 transcriptions, David would have 200," he recalled.

That urge to document the work of other great performers left David with a tremendous legacy of excellent transcriptions from both classic and contemporary solos. At the urging of friends, he compiled 150 solos he considered to be the best examples and prepared "Masters of the Mandolin." This masterwork was privately printed and sold only on a very limited basis by David at bluegrass festivals he attended, through the mail, and through a few retailers.

With David Peters' untimely death, this book might have vanished completely. Now, thanks to the efforts of "The Man with the Mandolin Foundation" an organization dedicated to keeping Peters' legacy alive, "Masters of the Mandolin" is available again. In these pages, mandolinists will find inspiration from many sources. Some solos are well-known classics. Others are from obscure recordings or even live tapes David had compiled over the years. Some of the artists included here--Monroe, Grisman, Bush--will be known to all; others like Paul Glasse and Bobby Clark are truly masters who have not received the public recognition they deserve. There are fantastic gems hidden in here, like Mike Marshall's awesome rendition of John Coltrane's masterpiece, "Giant Steps," (called "Giant Hornpipe" here). If you've always loved Mark O'Connor's mandolin work on "Macedonia" from the amazing Strength in Numbers CD, here it is for you to study.

Only one thing is missing here that would make this book completely worthy of its title; there's no transcription of David Peters. I'm sure Dave never thought he should be included among such geniuses as Jethro Burns, Dave Apollon, Bill Monroe and Sam Bush. Anyone who knew him and heard him play would have argued that is work clearly deserved to be included here, but there's no doubt that "Masters of the Mandolin" provides an amazing collection of superb mandolin solos.

I invite any serious student of the mandolin to delve deep into this rich volume and learn, like the great David Peters did, from the work of the instrument's greatest players.

Contact Us

The Man with the Mandolin Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping Dave Peters' legacy alive. If you would like to contact the Foundation, add your name to the mailing list, or inquire about current or future projects, please write or call the following address. Sorry, but at this time we are limiting contact to mail and phone correspondence only. The Foundation board wishes to let the mandolin community know it has the full support of the Peters family.

c/o Sunnie (payments s/b made to the 'Man With The Mandolin Foundation')
7701 West 61st Street
Overland Park, KS 66202

Phone: 913-789-0955

NOTE: proceeds from the sale of items offered by the foundation are used to offset the costs of current and future projects only.

Tax-deductible contributions can also be accepted by the foundation.

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