About The Mandolin Cafe

This site was launched November 18, 1995 on a 14.4K modem and Macintosh loaded with 16MB RAM! This site owned and maintained by Scott Tichenor. I'm a self-employed web developer with an interest in *nix, Apache, Perl, CSS, RSS, XML, Section 508, Google Maps and foobar.

The Mandolin Cafe was created and is maintained by human hand using vi, the Unix command line editor. Some dynamic content is compliments of Perl, the little programming language with no marketing department. PHP has been sighted here but knows its place and stays in the background.

I am proud to share my life with two very special ladies (human), two cats and a very special dog in a 100 year old home in Lawrence, Kansas.

Skye Tichenor is a marvelous musician and artist. Annie Tichenor is my wife, best friend and a world-class print graphic designer. If I ever manage to get her interested in web development this site will sure look a lot better. She's also a top-notch jazz guitarist with a great voice to match.

This site receives support from some truly talented people we are proud to call our friends:

Dan BeimbornDan Beimborn - Chief Mandolin Cafe technical ninja, "Linux mommy," systems administrator, database programmer, L.A.M.P. jedi master, IT geek, chicken farmer, husband and father. Owner and creator of the Mandolin Archive, the single greatest vintage mandolin resource on the internet. Location: works in London during the week, lives in Norwich on the weekends, the former where he coordinates and maintains the European technical infrastructure for a large US investment company.

Potentially in danger of being removed from home by his wife for owning too many mandolins. Prefers: traditional vintage mandolins, celtic and old-time.

Ted EschlimanTed Eschliman - Chief Mandolin Cafe Forum Shepherd/Lead Moderator, jazz mandolin evangelist, theory geek, music industry analyst and author (NAMM, Mel Bay, columnist for Music Inc Magazine), husband and father. Owner and creator of JazzMando.com, the ultimate jazz mandolin resource on the web. Author of the popular Mel Bay jazz mandolin method book Getting Into Jazz Mandolin. Location: Lincoln, Nebraska, co-owner of Dietze Music stores of Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.

Prefers: non-traditional mandolins, jazz and swing styles/hybrids, praise music.

Special thanks to Jamie Stanek and Mike Edgerton, forum moderators — brave souls who go out of their way every day to make sure our forum is a safe and healthy place for the mandolin community.

We hope you enjoy your visit and find our site a welcome relief from the stress of life. Thank you for allowing us to indulge in this bit of fun.

Scott, Annie & Shannon Tichenor and Cafe staff