Texas Swing Guitar

Here are some companion Texas swing guitar chords backup. This is one variation of about a half dozen that she plays. We're in the key of "A" here but the same pattern goes great from G up to about C. Since many mandolin players also play guitar we thought this would be a nice addition to the mandolin swing chords.

There are slight differences in the mandolin and guitar versions. I mentioned in the mandolin swing section that there are endless variations and chord patterns that can be used so if you want to match up exactly with the guitar player, sit down and work it out chord for chord if you feel that's necessary.

For example, the second guitar chord in this pattern is a m7b5 while the mandolin version uses a dominant 7th. Those two chords share some common notes but have a slight different feel. Have fun and don't forgot to experiment.

By the way, if you dig this kind of sound, and we really do, you'd be wise to check out Mickey Baker's Complete Course in Jazz Guitar: Book 1, a legendary thome that's a real gem and one that gets our highest recommendation (linked to the right here).

Key of A

Annie's Swing Guitar Chords