Homer and Jethro Joke Book

Homer and Jethro Joke Book In 1963, Homer and Jethro hit a new high in popularity among corn-noisseurs of humor all over the country, as stars of Kellogg's Corn Flakes "Corny" Radio Campaign. They made "Oooh, that's corny" a household phrase among kids and grownups both.

From 1964, as part of their work with Kellogs, Homer and Jethro were featured in this now famous joke book packed with politically incorrect and generally "corny" jokes featuring "Cornfucius", played by Jethro.

Don't worry, we're not letting you off this page until you read a very, very small sampling of their, uh, corny humor.


Friend: "How'd you like that date I dug up for you the other night?"

Cornfucius: "So that's how you found her!"


Professor: "Name two pronouns."

Cornfucius: "Who? Me?"

Professor: "Right."


Teacher: "Name something important that happened in 1770."

Cornfucius: "Beethoven was born."

Teacher: "Correct. Now what happened in 1776?"

Cornfucius: "Beethoven was 6 years old."


Cornfucius Say:

Man born with silver spoon in mouth very unlucky... most people have tongues.

Beware of letter in coal bin. Might be blackmail.

Man who eat pillow feel down in mouth.

The chief cause of divorce is--Marriage.

Last time it rained cats and dogs, I stepped into a poodle.

Better to have loved a short girl than never to have loved a tall.


Cornfucius: "That medicine you gave me made my eyes smart."

Friend: "You should have used in on your head."


Friend: "I hear your wife stopped wearing glasses. How does she look?"

Cornfucius: "About the same, only harder."


Cornfucius: "How did one ear of corn say "hello" to another?"

Friend: "How?"

Cornfucius: "That's right. How. It was Indian corn."


Cornfucius: "Whenever my wife is down in the dumps, she gets herself a new hat."

Friend: "Oh, so that's where she gets 'em?"