Best of Mandolin Cafe Haiku

A collection of our favorite mandolin haiku from the Forum. If you dare, create your own for the world to read.


Kentucky's blue son
fire bound in the wooden tone
hear Uncle Pen call

Noble spruce, maple
Eight bright strings tuned in fifths
Wonder at your sound

Ancient tones echo
Across high Kentucky hills
Endless blue journey

by: Eric Foulke


Too many mandos!
Weapon of MAS destruction
no where to be found.

by: Django Fret


Sampras on the tube
Sam Bush on the stereo
Advantage: Mando

"Spot" hears me practice
I stop. Put on "Pizza Tapes"
He's a grateful dog

by: Landgrass


Monroe's aged hands
Caress the sweet work of art
Like father and child

by: mP


Tall maple laid low
chopped and carved into mando
The tree lives again

by: David


Indigo twilight
Eight steel moonbeams excited,
Night's silence broken

by: Eugene


Fireplace poker
Five minutes of white hot rage
Bill's Loar in pieces

Mandolin jigsaw
A big puzzle for Charlie
Souvenir toothpick?

by: Disco


Spruce, maple, lady
Mother of Pearl delights me
My song awaits you

Hocked the mandolin
Lost mortgage on mobile home
Ticket to Springer

Sits Stoney Lonesome
Big Mon's Loar beneath the glass
Longs to play Roanoke

by: Scott Tichenor


Spruce top, maple back
Solid wood, satin finish
Strike a chord for me

by: Frank


mister john hartford:
played fiddle and danced for us;
rest your bones, old friend

by: anonymous


Nuance shading tone
Mountain breeze sings eight string trance
Long road, no respect

by: Niles Hokkannen


Grandma's long passed on
When I play her taterback
She holds me once more

by: Debbie


Ancient tones from wood
Appalachian mysteries
Big Mon's sweet music

by: G_Smolt


Raindrops on the roof
Beat a gentle counterpoint
Mando softly sings

Ah! The fragrant spruce
Hope nobody sees me sniff
My mando's soundhole......

by: bunnylady


Tiny hunks of wood,
bits of metal, bone and wire,
Combine to move souls

by: Joe Fishbein


Tortoise shell plectrum
Sad fate for reptilian
Let's use bovine feet

by: mad dawg


Changing mando strings
Lost one of the old string ends.
Barefoot stroll -- found it!

by: Joe F


by: Larry P.

Upstrokes and downstrokes
Adirondack's heartwood sings
Carved with loving skill


by: Dena

Placed mando on stand
Fired up mower...from next door
The sound of applause.