Gibson A or A0

Borrowed heavily from George Gruhn and Walter Carter

Gibson A

A Mandolin

Available: 1902 to 1933

1902 Symmetrical teardrop body, oval sound hole, colored wood soundhole ring, ebony fingerboard, dot inlays, large rounded paddle-shaped peghead, golden orange top finish, reddish back and sides. 1905 Smaller non-paddle peghead. 1906 Single bound top. 1908 Elevated pickguard, no peghead logo. 1916 Pictured.1918 Brown finish.1923 Snakehead peghead. 1928 Standard peghead. A model discontinued 1933.

A-0 Mandolin

Available: 1927 to 1934 1927 Symmetrical teardrop body, oval sound hole, no binding or soundhole ornamentation, clamshell tailpiece cover, dot inlays, brown finish.A-0 discontinued 1934.

By Dan Beimborn

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