Gibson A2 or A2-Z

borrowed heavily from George Gruhn and Walter Carter

Gibson A2-Z

A-2, A2-Z Mandolin

Available: 1902 to 1928

1902 - Symmetrical teardrop body, bound oval soundhole with 2 wood inlaid rings, pickguard inlaid into top, single bound top and back, unbound ebony fingerboard, dot inlays, large rounded paddle peghead, asterisk peghead inlay, golden orange top finish, reddish back and sides.

A-2 discontinued 1908.

1918 A-2 Re-introduction specs: Bound oval soundhole with 2 narrow wood inlaid rings, elevated pickguard, bound top and back, bound ebony fingerboard, dot inlays, pearl "The Gibson" peghead logo, brown finish.

1922 A2-Z specs: Renamed, double bound top, single bound back, double bound soundhole, black-white-black soundhole rings, bound fingerboard, amber top finish, brown back and sides.

1923 A2-Z specs:Snakehead peghead.

1924 A2-Z: Pictured

1927 A-2 specs:Renamed back to A-2.
A-2 discontinued 1928.

By Dan Beimborn

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