Mandolin Eye Candy

If you're an active builder currently selling instruments and you'd like to be listed there, email your full contact information.

We don't display vintage instruments here. That's another project for someone else.

Our preferences in your taking a picture of your instrument to be displayed here: photograph against a neutral background. Not lime green, not black, not blue, not red. Not against a tree or your mother-in-law's floral muu-muu, but I'll work with whatever you have. Contrast and detail and key. I'm going to cut the background out. Having a colored background can cause some bleed of that color into the instrument. The better the picture, the better the end result. The bigger the picture, the better. The higher the resolution, the better. If it's fuzzy, grainy or otherwise out of focus I can't work with it. Make the angle straight on facing the instrument.

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