A Very Brief Brush with Fame

Andy Warhol said everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. I came close when I got to sit next to Bela Fleck at the 1987 Walnut Valley Festival (National Flatpicking Championships - Winfield, KS) banjo workshop.

Photo of me and Bela Fleck at the 1987 Winfield banjo workshop

I was asked to play backup guitar for (L-R from the arrow) Bela Fleck, Peter Wernick, John Hickman, and Mike Allen who was the 1986 National Banjo Champion and a member of "Last Kansas Exit," my old bluegrass band with Neal Hudson and Brett Hodges. We performed at the festival that year. Of course, that's me grinning like hell on the left, knowing my picture was being taken with the banjo God.