Random Bad Bluegrass Band Name Generator

A banjo, what'd you think it was?

Let's face it, some bluegrass bands don't have, or simply don't want a cool band name.

You know the type. Pile into the station wagon on Friday after work and drive like hell to a festival. Change into stage outfits in the Johnny-On-the-Spot and stay up all night jamming. That's our kind of band!

Pick up a flyer for a small local festival and you'll find those bands. Happy Creek Pickers, Big Ridge Express, Dusty Creek Bluegrass, Grassy Mountain Grass. You get the idea.

Bands spend valuable time deciding on names like these when instead they could be practicing! You can now have the best of both worlds. Presenting: the Mandolin Cafe's Random Bad Bluegrass Band Name Generator.

Our sophisticated Random Bad Band Naming Program will do the dirty work for you -- and with guaranteed superior results.

It's time we did the job for you!

Use free of charge and get superior results. Our program contains several thousand possible name combinations. Don't worry, you'll always be unique among bands with one of our names.