A Sensible Way to Mic a Mandolin

AKG C406 Microphone

When I finally stumbled upon this method of amplifying the mandolin, how happy I was to get away from toting large speakers, mixers, mic stands, and all of the other stuff that filled the back of my vehicle to and from gigs. I now show up with mandolin in one hand, amp in another.

The clamp attached to the base of the boom is custom-made by a friend.

The connection between the microphone and the amp is about six feet long.

The sound quality is exceptional. I'm using this in a jazz setting so things are a little milder in terms of percussion. Chop chords might not be something to do with this setup.

Here's a recap of the total set-up I use for gigs:

  1. AKG C406 Microphone with custom tailpiece attachment
  2. Schertler GIULIA Y amp
  3. Six foot cable from mic attachment to amp