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Appalachian Fiddle Tunes For Clawhammer Banjo

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This comprehensive collection features over 100 note-for-note skillfully-crafted clawhammer banjo arrangements of “old-time” Southern fiddle tunes, in clear tablature - with suggested guitar chords at a wide variety of skill levels. It contains most of the tunes played in concert or recorded by author Ken Perlman and renowned Appalachian-style fiddler Alan Jabbour, plus over 50 more classic tunes from Ed Haley, Edden Hammons, John Salyer and many other iconic roots fiddlers. Also included:

• Instruction on basic and advanced techniques
• Tips on improving your musicianship
• How to play syncopated rhythms and melodies in clawhammer style
• Frameworks for dealing with crooked tunes and modal tunes
• Historical notes and picturesque backstories
• Ken Perlman demonstrates all tunes and most musical illustrations on 124 online audio tracks

*Online Audio Includes: 24 tracks featuring excerpts from recordings of the author performing with the virtuosic fiddler Alan Jabbour, to whom the book is dedicated.

eBook + Online Audio $19.99
Book + Online Audio $24.99

Contents: Tablature and Techniques, More Pointers on Technique and Style, Syncopation in Clawhammer, Try These Tunes First!!, Old Chattanooga, Walkin' in the Parlo, Cabin Creek, or Barlow Knife, Ducks on the Pond, Wild Horses at Stoney Point, British Field March, Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July, Fire on the Mountain, Old Joe Clark (Henry Reed Version), Folding Down the Sheets, Little Dutch Girl, Martha Campbell, Abe's Retreat, Walk Along John, Boatman (Henry Reed Version), Green Willis, Henry Reed's Breakdown, Tunes in G and G-Modal (with E-Modal), Shoes & Stockings, Dolly, Magpie, Old Mose, Billy in the Lowland, Ebenezer, or West Virginia Highway, Colored Aristocracy (Elmer Rich variation), One More River to Cross, Big Scioty, Greasy String, The Rebels' Raid, Sandy River Belle (Henry Reed version), Red Fox, Lost Girl, Indian Squaw, Glory in the Meeting House, Isom Waltz, North Carolina Breakdown, Waynesboro, Yew Piney Mountain, Leather Britches, West Virginia Rag, Lady in the Lake, Say Old Man, Can you Play the Fiddle, Tunes in D and D-Modal, Bonaparte's Retreat (Henry Reed Version), Rachel, or Texas Quickstep, Sally Ann Johnson, Washington's March, Peekaboo Waltz, Five Miles to Town, Ship in the Clouds, Rochester Schottische, Shoo Fly, Susanna Gal, or Western Country, Mississippi Sawyer (Alan Jabbour Version), Coleman's March, Indian Ate the Woodchuck, Quince Dillion's High D Tune, Duck River, Turkey in the Straw (Henry Reed version), Rocky Mountain Goat (Henry Reed version), Yellow Barber, Greenfield Cotillion, Forked Deer, Rockin' the Babies to Sleep (waltz), New Five Cents, Dusty Miller (Franklin George Version), Hell Among the Yearlings, Cherokee Shuffle (Three Parts in D), Pig Ankle Rag, Tunes in A and A-Modal, The Route, Possum Up a 'Simmon Tree, Breaking Up Christmas (Taylor Kimble), Greasy Coat, Jenny Get Around, Squirrel Hunters, Texas, or New Castle, Christmas Morning, Shady Grove (Henry Reed version), Red Bird, Big Hoedown, Half Past Four, Elzick's Farewell, Rye Straw (Henry Reed Version), Henry Reed's Favorite, Falls(s) of Richmond, Cider Mill (Taylor Kimble version), Sandy Boys (Edden Hammons version), George Booker, Fine Times at our House, Ways of the World (Bill Stepp version), John R. Griffin's Tune, Sallie Gooden, And the Cat Came Back, West Virginia Gals, Tunes in C, High Yellow, Rose Division, Katydid, Dunbar, Happy Jack, Grover Jones Waltz, Cherry River Rag, Tennessee Wagoner, Hell Up Cole Hollow, Rocky Road to Dublin (Not the Irish Tune), Birdie (Henry Reed version), L & N Rag, Ragged Bill, Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase, Stone's Rag, The Fiddler's Drunk & the Fun's All Over, Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame, Alphabetical List of Tunes and Online Playlist, Ken Perlman Bibliography and Discography