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Rickard Maple Ridge Banjo With Deluxe Hardshell Case, 12"

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The Rickard Maple Ridge is an elegant contemporary take on a popular late nineteenth century style of banjo construction.The 3/8 inch thick maple rim has a 12-inch diameter and is fitted with a Dobson-style tone ring, the hottest thing going in the banjo world of the 1880s. The large head/thin shell combination gives this banjo a thick, woody sound with lots of projection. You might even say this banjo has a mellow tone, at least compared to other banjos.(If you like the look of this banjo, but want a snappier sound, it also comes with an 11-inch head, which ups the trebles a fair amount.) The neck has a graceful 'boat heel' design with a lot of heft to it. The peghead is the 1880s paddle style. This banjo has 25.5 scale length, an ebony fretboard, dots with star inlay and frailing scoop, antiqued brass hardware, and Rickard’s 10:1 Ratio tuners, which make tuning a breeze. Includes a new case.


UPC 61222
Fingerboard Ebony
Tuners Rickard 10:1 Ratio Cyclone Tuners
Tone ring Dobson Tone Ring
Diameter 12"
Case type Original Hardshell
Serial number 1219

The Gryphone Advantage: This instrument has been personally setup by a member of our repair staff. Gryphon’s sustained commitment to quality ensures that no instrument not at optimal playing condition is sold. This comes with a lifetime discount on future repair and customizations.

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Acoustic guitars, mandolins, and banjos are still the mainstays at Gryphon, as they have been for over 45 years, though our inventory of steel guitars and ukuleles continues to grow as well. In recent years an important part of our growth has been in instruments by very small companies and individual makers, as we continue to keep one foot, or at least several toes, outside the mainstream music industry.