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Altman F-5 Loar Series, Half Price With Video

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Folks, for your consideration, here we have an Altman Loar Series F5 for the taking. This instrument is offered as new with builder warranty, though it is a demo/ shop worn model; thus Bob has cut the price by nearly fifty percent!

Specs include, one piece Engelmann spruce top, tonebar braced, exquisite Curly maple back, rim and neck, ebony headstock overlay with flowerpot, (walnut overlay on back of headstock), Waverly keys with purl buttons, fossilized nut (1 1/16), EVO Gold frets (.037 X .053 fret wire), three ply pick guard (ebony, maple, ebony), 13 7/ 8 scale, flat ebony fingerboard (scooped and abbreviated at the 23rd fret), ebony end pin, and bridge (bridge made in house), speed necked at point of construction, fully bound, James Tailpiece, oil varnish finish, strung with J74s, and will ship in a new Travelite case. If the owner wishes to have a Calton, one can be ordered according to his or her specifications, at dealer cost.

As for the history of this instrument, it was constructed in 2015, and during this time, Bob was still hitting some of the trade shows, and would often take mandolins and guitars for folks to try out. Some time after being strung up, he noticed that there was a slight wrinkle in the recurve over the tailblock/ under the tailpiece. While he had no question of its structural integrity, he did not want to remove the top to reinforce it, therefore, he put on a small reinforcement patch under the tailpiece. Because this is over the tailblock, it in no way hampers the sound, it is maybe .010 to .020 thick, is difficult to feel with one’s fingers, as varnish was applied over it, and it is even extremely difficult to photograph, but in the interest of full disclosure and honesty, it is presented here. As stated prior, this instrument maintains the full Altman warranty, and faith of Bob Altman in the stability of the mandolin.

The sound will tell you all you want to know; it is loud, with perhaps the best bass response I have ever heard out of a mandolin. The tone is fat, with a dynamic range that is rarely heard in the mandolin world. It would take a very heavy hand to make it top out, though it responds so quickly, that the player with a softer attack will not have to work hard to be heard. With the Engelmann top combined with the Loar specs, it shows a diversity of being sweet and modern sounding when playing near the fingerboard extension, but it will quickly take on a more traditional sound as the player lays on the gas, or moves his or her hand back a slight amount. The trebles are bell-like, but have great cut as you go down the neck. If you need a lifer, this will fit the bill… It is with good reason that you have seen the likes of Mike Marshall, Herschel Sizemore, and countless other pros playing Altmans over the years.

Because of the demand for Altman guitars, it is difficult to get Bob to build a F5 these days, and his mandolins are not often seen on the used market, so you may want to snap this one up in a hurry. It is offered at $10,900; keep in mind, a new build starts at more than $19,000 retail, so this is a deal!

Category: Mandolins
Ad Number 173859
Posted: Jul 21, 2021 05:34 PM CDT

Ad Owner
Shawn Brock

Lytle Tx

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