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Banjo Method (Book + Online Audio)

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This book, written for those with no prior musical experience, is the definitive text for learning C-tuning concert, or classic-style 5-string banjo. Written by the late Frank Bradbury, Banjo Method provides a thorough grounding in music theory and note reading, along with a complete presentation of Mr. Bradbury's unique 5-string concert banjo technique and outstanding solo and duet arrangements by various artists. The technique described here is radically different from that found in other books about the 5-string banjo, and no tablature is used. No plastic or metal picks are used on the right-hand fingers, nor are the fingernails used, but rather the bare fingertips. The hand positions recommended by Mr. Bradbury are not unlike those of a classical guitarist. All in all, this is an uncommon, but valid approach to solo banjo technique. Includes access to online audio of select pieces and exercises featuring Rob MacKillop.


Chapter 1 - Jazz Chord Progressions
Chapter 2 - Extended Chord Tones: 7ths
Minor 7th Chords
Chapter 3 - Extended Chord Tones: 6ths
Minor 6th Chords
Chapter 4 - Diminished Chords
Half Diminished 7th Chords
Fully Diminished 7th Chords
Chapter 5 - Augmented Chords
Augmented 7th Chords
Chapter 6 - Suspended Chords
Chapter 7 - The Minor ii - V - i Progression
The Harmonic Minor Scale
The Melodic Minor Scale
Chapter 8 - Practice Progressions
Chapter 9 - 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths
Minor 13th Chords
Chapter 10 - Altering Chord Tones
Chapter 11 - Modes of the Major Scale
Chapter 12 - Diminished and Whole-Tone Scales
Chapter 13 - Modes of the Minor Scale
Chapter 14 - Putting It All Together
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