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See The "Music Theory That Matters Most" On Many Instruments

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Fretboard Toolboxes are quick-reference books designed to help players learn "the music theory that matters most", including ideas such as:

-Which chords make up each key?
-What are the Roman numerals for each of those chords in each key?
-Which notes make up the chords in each of those keys?
-Which notes make up each of the corresponding scales?
-Which notes make up each of the corresponding pentatonic scales?
-Which extra notes you can add to those scales to give them a bluesy/bluegrassy sound?

Most importantly, they let you SEE those notes and chords all over your fretboard in an identical format for a wide range of instruments including mandolin, guitar, all the ukuleles, tenor guitar/tenor banjo/mandola (CGDA), 4-string bass, 5-string banjo, and piano.

Once you see how a Fretboard Toolbox works on one instrument, you can use any other instrument’s Toolbox and start playing chords and scales in no time!

Fretboard Toolbox are available in two different versions: "Essential Editions" that use colored circles to show the ideas above in the five most common Major keys, and more advanced black & white "Complete Editions", which lack the colored circles, to help see these ideas in ALL 14 Major, minor and blues keys.

To see all the differences between the Essential and Complete Editions, click the “Additional Information” tab to the right.

Select your instrument on the Fretboard Toolbox website (on the "Pick Your Instrument" link) and click on “LOOK INSIDE” to download over 1/4 of any edition for free, including all of the instructions and the key of G Major pages!

Be sure to go to the "Jam Tracks" link on the Fretboard Toolbox website and select "200 Free Jam Tracks" to practice playing chords and improvising to chord progressions in six different Major, minor, and blues keys. Each track has recommended scales to uses, notes about what to listen for in each chord progression, and which Essential or Complete Edition pages to use with each track.

Thanks for taking a look, and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Happy music making,

Scott Sharp

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Category: Accessories
Ad Number 131363
Posted: Nov 8, 2018 07:28 PM CDT

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Scott Sharp

Lawrence KS 66049
United States

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