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Thread: Happy Birthday Nancy Wilson

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    Default Happy Birthday Nancy Wilson

    A very Happy Birthday goes out to Nancy Wilson. The Heart guitarist and mandolin player was born on this date in 1954.

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    Smile Re: Happy Birthday Nancy Wilson

    Nice, love Heart. You did the happy birthday for Eddie too....we definitely think alike.
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Nancy Wilson

    Thanks for posting this. Love, love, love her. Definitely one of my early inspirations!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Nancy Wilson

    Nancy, Howard Leese, and Jim Messina are the reason I am playing this instrument today.

    Happy Birthday, Nancy!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Nancy Wilson

    Thanks Ed. I'm going to learn battle of evermore today from that :D (and I look over to my led zep flag and nod).

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Nancy Wilson

    Nancy has always been WAY WAY WAY up there on my list. What a talent. Thanks for sharing.

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