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Thread: Northfield mandolins

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    Merry Christmas to you as well! I had a bit of clouding on mine where my forearm rested. I added an arm rest about 4 months ago and the finish has returned to it's original state so there was no permanent damage.

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    Merry Christmas to all from Big Sky Country.
    2010 Weber Yellowstone

    I maybe wrong, but it is highly doubtful.

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    I am a bit confused as it seems some dealers are allowed more than the F5S and F2S models. I had asked my dealer if he could order a Big Mon and he was told "no".
    Good Advice: Play before you pay, and know your product and your market.

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    Bumping this thread to say that I just acquired a very lightly used NF-5S from the fine folks at Cotten Music Center in Nashville, and WOW. The mando was solidly in the middle of my price range, but even if I'd had the budget to reach Collings, etc., I'm not sure I would have. This thing is awesome and I'm going to hold onto it for a long, long time.

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    I just picked up a Northfield NF5-SA #281; after testing several Collings MF, a Pava Pro, a Gibson F5-G, a used Carleson Gibson F5-L, and a Weber Yellowstone. Even with the increase in price to $2,995 this year, the Northfield's sound and feel stood out and matched my ear for both classical and bluegrass.

    Fit and finish are really wonderful. I like the smaller scratch guard (Compared to Gibson), and the fact that it's only joined to the soundboard at one small spot by the neck joint. Adrian and the team have put a lot of thought and science into the construction, and it shows. But, more than that... these are mandolin obsessed guys, who produce a top quality product.

    I know many question the value because construction is done in Asia. The people doing the work include European, American, Japanese, and Chinese Craftsman. Considering they have only produced 300 Mando's in 7 years... it's not fair to compare them to Kentucky, Loar, or Eastman. Simply a very different type of organization.

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    I've had an F2S for half a year or so, and it's really a great instrument. I agree that judging them based on where they are constructed is a mistake. I'm moving this one on, but just to go to an F hole instrument from the oval, and then only because I can't afford to hold on to two of them... Looks great, plays great, sounds great... there are zero flaws in fit/finish on mine.

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    I got caught on a web meander through a series of demonstration videos of several different Northfield instruments, and when I see and hear Emory Lester and Mike Marshall and other great professionals play them, they sing to me. Hmmmmm

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