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    Hi all--

    First post here. Though I have to admit i've been lurking for a couple of days...

    Probably not a GREAT first post, BUT... i'm wondering. I have to pick up a couple songs on the mandolin pretty quickly for a show i'm going to be in. I've been playing the banjo for about two months now, and have played guitar for years, and i'm thinking...

    would it be possible for me to retune a mandolin to open G and play using chords I already know from that tuning?

    Would I need a different set of string gauges than normally on a mando?

    Thanks for any advice you guys can give! Hope to be around this forum a lot more in the future!

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    I would strongly suggest that you learn the open mandolin chord equivalents. It won't be that hard if you have played guitar for years. The open G on a mandolin will be different from open G on a banjo anyway. Instead of DGBD (excluding the 5th string) you'd have GDBD, tuning the A up to B and dropping the E to D, so your fingerings will be different anyway.
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