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Thread: Why do mandolin players hunch over their instruments?

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    Default Re: Why do mandolin players hunch over their instruments?

    I do it so I won't drool directly on the instrument. Really bad on the strings.

    Re:Ms. Fischer,as noted above she looked EVERYWHERE at one time or another. She even looked at the back of her violin.
    I think she did that to see if it was still in one piece! Bravo! The music moved her body,like with many musicians. Her earring even
    touched the soundboard at one point. Wow! When Julia(yoo-lia) smiles...

    I didn't even know I liked Classical. Many thanks for that viddy,Ivan. Reminds me of the first time I saw Elisa from "choro das 3";what
    a virtuoso on bandolhino(sp?)

    I'll be playing my ratty old Red Diamond in my very own living room tomorrow evening after supper. BE THERE!!! Or be square.

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    Default Re: Why do mandolin players hunch over their instruments?

    I LOVE Elisa and have enjoyed the sisters for years now, (and mama and papa as well!). Elisa has improved by leaps and bounds and is fast becoming a world leader in, (at least ) choro. There are many monster mandolinists in the world of choro for her to come up against but her crystal clear tonality and marvelous interpretation are worthy. I wonder if she will venture beyond the universe of choro? She is SO cool!
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