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Thread: Reasons to avoid jamming

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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid jamming

    Quote Originally Posted by JeffD View Post
    They play so danged fast. If you can recognize the tune its not quite up to speed.
    They play so slow you can't recognize the tune (let alone dance to it) without a training in Tai Chi.
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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid jamming

    It's light out, I need to plant my garden.

    it's dark, I don't like driving in the dark.

    There may be a djembe there.

    They limit free drinks to just a few people

    They have unlimited drinks and too many people get tipsy.

    (Hey, Bertram and jeffD -- you guys seem to have found the same people I have at sessions!)
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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid jamming

    The vending machine broke & there are no snacks.


    There's always 5 big boxes of donuts & maple bars, and I'm trying to maintain my weight.

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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid jamming

    The piano is slightly below A440, but the concertina is slightly above A440, so all of our digital tuners are useless.

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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid jamming

    My tuner needs a new battery but the local stores are all out of the required CR2032 battery, so I'd have to borrow a CR2032 from a diabetic glucose meter (how convenient that they're the same!) which would make my SO unhappy to say the least.

    (In reality, it's the other way around, a couple times I've taken a battery out of one of my digital tuners so that he can use it in his glucose meter until we get to town to replenish our supply of batteries. We try to keep them on hand but sometimes run out anyway, neither one of us have very good memory unless we remember to write stuff down & then often as not we go into town & forget to take the shopping list with us. Lol.)

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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid jamming

    The dishes don't wash themselves you know.

    I don't need another "thing to do" every week.

    They don't do singing songs. Just all these arcane fiddle tunes.

    Its all singing. Its all Simon and Garfunkel and Beatles songs.

    There are so many guitars, they make everyone play in E.

    There are so many banjos they stay in one key all the time. This week its G, next week its tunes in A.

    They keep changing keys. Its all I can do to play G tunes.
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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid jamming

    I just read thru the whole thread and there's not one mention of my real reason on why I'm not going tonite: I'm in such a financial hole, I only use my gas to go to work...temporarily true in my case.
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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid jamming

    My white coat and hat is at the cleaners

    I'm afraid I'll lose my bluechip out in public

    I'm worried DataNick will want a ride home (just kidding man - I'd take you)
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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid jamming

    Tonight is jam night. I'm skipping it again, and trying to be honest with myself about why. All I can come up with (going back to our conversation about introverts) is that I just don't have the energy for being around people this evening in a social setting.
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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid jamming

    Clothing is optional.

    Clothing is mandatory.

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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid jamming

    Tired of all the guitar players trying to 'Out Tony Rice lick' each other.

    If you can't hear your own instrument, then everybody is playing too loud.
    Play em like you know em!

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