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  1. Tiny Rick - Rick and Morty [Acoustic]

    Two weeks until I'm back with more jazz content. This week I did an arrangement of a song from a favorite animated show. It's a bit folky.

  2. heavy, medium or thin picks for beginning mandolin player?

    so i ve been playing the mando for about a month and i think im pretty good but im not great and i could use a lot of improvement.
    i got one pick when i bought the mandolin and its thin/heavy, but i found another pick at home and its thin. I cracked the thin pick, but i like it better than the thick one.
    also the pick occasionally flies out my hand or i find it slipping? is that because of the think im using or is it just i need better pick grip?

    THANKS!! this really ...
  3. Mando Mayhem

    This one is older than 20 years- yikes!
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  4. Mandolin Mondays #60 w/ Special Guest Jarrod Walker

    This week Jarrod Walker brings us a classy chord melody arrangement of Paul McCartney's "Here, There and Everywhere," played on a powerful Gibson Doyle Lawson Model mandolin.

    Originally from Florida, Jarrod is now an in demand Nashville-based mandolinist. From an early age, Jarrod has made waves in the bluegrass scene, but his strong tone and imaginative playing continues to cut through in whatever genre or situation he finds ...
  5. 1995 Gibson F-5V Fern Bozeman (Luthier?)

    I'm looking for info on luthiers who worked for Gibson during '95 and earlier. The luthier who signed my mando had poor handwriting and it's hard to make out the letters of the signature.

    The first name might be Ray or Paul the last name begins with B, Bru... maybe? Anyone have knowledge of this era of Gibson builders?

    I've been combing through classifieds and google without much luck.
    Tags: 1995, f-5v, gibson
  6. Title Theme - Animal Crossing [Acoustic] (#46)

    Here is this week's cover!

    It's a mandolin/guitar arrangement of the title theme from one of my favorite games as a kid. I always dug the minimalistic tendency of this soundtrack.

    In other news! I just finished recording a jazz record with bassist Michael Gurrola. I'll be posting some material from it as soon as we put a video together.

  7. Aaron Weinstein's Etude Thursday (7 of 7)

    Sheet music for this etude can be found in my book, MANDOLIN CHORD MELODY SYSTEM from Mel Bay.
  8. Forgot To Post Last Friday's Cover (#45)

    Hey guys!

    I forgot to post last Friday's cover here. This is the closing theme to BoJack Horseman, the animated show. The next couple of weeks I'm doing a few more video game themes, but look forward to some more jazz videos in a month or so!

  9. Combining Addictions

    Ice is almost off and I was thinking about fishing...
    Personalize your mando.
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  10. Mandolin Mondays #59 w/ Special Guest Matt Witler

    This Mandolin Monday, Matt Witler brings us a cross-picking extravaganza on his Gilchrist F5 with this arrangement of Bela Fleck's piece "The Whistle Tune."

    Matt is a Berklee graduate and an award winning mandolinist from the Boston area. I first met him back in 2013 at Mike Marshall's Acoustic Music Seminar, and since then Matt has really taken off. In recent years he has been making some big waves in the bluegrass and Americana ...
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